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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Pope Francis Papacy Timeline 2015

Papal Visit Philippines Pope Francis logo.png
Mercy and compassion are used to
justify undermining God's truth and justice.
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The beat goes on in 2015 as Pope Francis continues undermining the faith. This will be an important year particularly because of the document Laudato Si on the environment and the second synod on the family which will be used as references to support heterodox interpretations later, particularly in preparation for the Amazon Synod.

January 12 - 19: Apostolic Visit to Sri Lanka and the Philippines. The press conference on the way home from this papal visit was, to say the least, interesting. It gave the pope one more opportunity to put his foot in his mouth when he said Christians didn't need to act like rabbits. He talked about "responsible parenthood" in a way that implied small families. He also said some good things. Unfortunately, we're used to him saying some good things while he acts in a way that undermines his words. See more here.

February 14, 2015: Pope Francis names 20 new cardinals. Fifteen are under 80 and eligible to vote in the next conclave. Only one English speaker is among them and none are from the United States.

June 18, 2015: Pope Francis Releases Encyclical Letter, Laudato Si' (LS) on the environment. The document is a call to environmental action embraced by liberal chicken littles like Barack Obama, Al Gore, economist Jeffrey Sachs, etc. It raises the bar for global warming hysteria by allowing environmental extremists to claim Vatican support for their radical agenda. It also sets the stage for the Amazon synod with all the babble about "integral ecology." There are some good elements in the encyclical, e.g., on the family and that confirm teaching on abortion and contraception. But, as with most things coming out of the pope, they are lost in the flood of politically correct problematic prose. Catholic author, John Zmirak, writes in his sarcastic style for The Stream:
No less a defender of Catholic truth than Barack Obama has made it clear: Pope Francis threw “the full moral authority of his position” behind the need to abandon fossil fuels, junk our unjust and exploitative free market system, and massively redistribute wealth via globalist institutions. These heroic measures are essential to save the earth and cushion the impact of switching to solar, thermal or hamster-treadmill power for poor countries worldwide. indicating the pope's commitment to saving the planet.

One of the principal advisors on the encyclical was atheist and pantheist scientist, Hans Schellnhuber, head of the German government-funded Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. He was one of several speakers selected for the official presentation of the encyclical on June 18th. 
This would be a surprise for pew-sitters if we weren't so accustomed to Francis sleeping with strange bedfellows while he treats the orthodox as rigid fundamentalists.

How strange is this friend and advisor of Francis? Imagine extreme and then magnify it tenfold.

Schellnhuber has said in interviews that the planet may only have a "carrying capacity" of about a billion people. (Goodness! What can we do about the other six billion?) He also says those who claim he is in favor of population control are liars. But he's a "full member" of the Club of Rome (a designation of the group's elite), which advocates aggressive promotion of contraception and abortion to reduce the excess population. He also said in a 2009 talk that the earth "will explode" due to lack of natural resources if it reaches 9 billion people which, according to U.N. statistics, may happen by 2050. And to top it all off, in a 2014 interview with Pierre Balgorry, Schellnhuber suggested that politicians may need to act "with coercion" to get the hoi polloi in line to manage the climate crisis. Draw your own conclusions about his level of honesty with regard to the "population problem," a term he's used in the past.

Pope Francis may have been echoing Schellnhuber when he called for obedience to the U.N. since Schellnhuber has said that nations need to:
[give] up a good deal of national sovereignty and [establish] a true regime of global governance. As a prerequisite, the rather symbolic parts and pieces of the UN system must be transformed into powerful supra-national institutions: allons corriger le futur! [Translation: Let's correct the future.]
There is something ominously perverse about a pope embracing "experts" who see people as an infection or a virus or a plague on the earth.  Schellnhuber calls for one world government under the U.N. with an Earth Constitution, a Global Council elected by everyone on earth (Wow! Imagine the election fraud!), and a Planetary Court to try and mete out punishment for violators of the Earth Constitution. (Will they get community service planting trees?) Talk about Big Brother! Oh...did I mention that Schellnhuber was named to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on June 26th of 2015? What kind of insanity is this?

Consider that all of this blather about one world government, with a world council and a world court, violates a fundamental Catholic social justice principle - subsidiarity which teaches that problems should be addressed at the lowest possible level closest to those affected. Is a world court the best place to address pollution in L.A. and the garbage problem in NYC?

Leonardo Boff, the notorious liberation theology proponent was also instrumental in the creation of LS another red flag! (And I do mean red.) The marxist ideologue is another troubling friend of Francis who is assisting him in undermining the faith of our fathers.

September 22-27, 2015: Papal Visit to the United States and Cuba. One of the most alarming events of the year was the papal visit to the U.S. Why? Because it was deeply connected to George Soros. Soros used faith-based community organizing groups -- PICO and Faith in Public Life (FPL) -- to influence and shift the priorities of the Vatican. Wikileaks released working documents showing how Soros and his Open Society were trying to frame public opinion and shift Church thinking to embrace the leftist view of "social justice," i.e., socialism. The effort was funded by $650,000 in Soros money. According to Wikileaks:
The texts [of the working documents] suggested this activity would include using the influence of Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga and sending a delegation to the Vatican to allow the Pope to “hear directly from low-income Catholics in America.” Cardinal Maradiaga, the Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, co-ordinates the Council of Cardinals advising Pope Francis. [Source]
October 4-25, 2015: Ordinary synod on the family continues the assault on the faith begun at the Extraordinary Synod in 2014. While parts of the final document uphold Church doctrine, others undermine it. (The devil is most successful when he mixes lies with the truth.) Ambiguous language in the document invites a dissenting spin which, of course, heterodox Catholics immediately embraced. Voice of the Family, in an analysis of the final document, point out:
The report...seems to understand the gospel primarily in terms of social justice and the service of man....The approach adopted by the report savours of naturalism, one of the key errors of our time, which either denies the existence of the supernatural order or denies divine intervention in nature as it now stands. 
Ignoring the supernatural is becoming an expected feature of Vatican documents. Man, it seems, is no longer called to serve God; but God is called to serve man and conform Himself to man's will. The document uses mercy as a bludgeon to annihilate God's justice:
Great emphasis is placed on God’s mercy (see paragraphs 34, 35, 36, 37, 41, 51, 55, 79, 85, 93) but God’s justice is only mentioned once, in paragraph 55, and then in the context of its being surpassed by mercy. That sin offends God or that God punishes sin is nowhere recalled."
Both the synods on the family placed man at the center of the conversation instead of God which clearly violates the first commandment. One god popping up in almost everything Pope Francis writes or approves manifests itself in "integral ecology." This document is no different calling for “a new ecological culture which includes a new mentality, new policies, new educational programmes, a new manner of living and a new spirituality.”(FR, para. 16, sent. 2) There is not a single word in the document about man's supernatural end. Modernism and relativism rule. You can read the full report from Voice of the Family here.  It is not a pretty picture and provides more torpedoes to attack the faith with its novelties and creative interpretations based more on Teilhard de Chardin than the Fathers of the Church.


  1. Dear Mary Ann,
    You examine the body in a state of agony. It is needed. I was always wondering how one can deal with pathomorphology, and then calmly pick up honey from the hive or drink coffee.

  2. All of this is straight out of Pedro Arrupe's "renewal" of the Jesuit order in 1965-66. I cannot emphasis enough for people to read Malachi Martin's "The Jesuits: The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church". All of what Francis is doing - and I mean ALL OF IT - is exactly what Arrupe did to the Jesuits, with help of the Modernist progressive Jesuits within the Order, of course. They far outweighed the traditionalist Jesuits, hence the Order was changed...stating all religions are equal, wanting the Church to have married priests, women priests, no papal authority (except when the pope is a Jesuit) and the hatred of capitalism and the West....hence the need for the Jesuits to make "a preferential option for the poor."

    Read the book and see the future for the Church. Unless the Lord intervenes.

    Here's an excerpt from page 386: "It would be argued in the coming years (after 1966) that atheism, like everything else, has a purely social cause; that atheism comes from disillusionment with the failures of the church. Because Romanism had failed the poor, atheism was the fault of the Roman-based Church. To rid the world of atheism, Jesuits must make 'a preferential option for the poor'. That, in turn, would mean that they must combat all who were not poor, as well as the system that enables some to not to be poor, while it leaves the poor even poorer. That system was the capitalism of the West."

    So you see why none of the 20 new cardinals named on Feb 14, 2015, were from the United States. Can't have any representative cardinals from a capitalist country. Marxism must rule the day.

  3. ...continuing....

    Therefore - so the reasoning would go - the papal call to combat atheism is a call to combat capitalism.

  4. Therefore, in the seventies, revolutionary Jesuit priest Fernando Cardenal was in the Sandinista ruling parliament and would not step down. Arrupe refused to obey Pope John Paul II's order to have Cardenal quit politics. After a few years of this back and forth, Arrupe finally did order Cardenal to step down or leave the Jesuits. Cardenal left the order. But then they reinstated him in 1997.

  5. P 390..."When the postmortem is done (on the Society of Jesus)....what stares back at you from the examination table is a headless creature destined for calamity. The decrees of GC31 were destined to lead the Society of Jesus into tumultuous chaos....The way was open for converting Jesuits into social workers, political activists, and ideological campaigners...And it would become the touchstone for such non-Jesuit Religious as those who wrote the manifesto of Liberation Theology, which transformed the Vicar of Christ from being leader of the church universal to an unwelcome alien in the lands where the faceless 'People of God' reigned in his place."

    Remember Malachi Martin wrote this book in 1986. Thirty years later we now have a pope who is a progressive Jesuit formed in the image of Pedro Arrupe - an anti-Capitalist Marxist who despises all authority (except his own), hates the West, hates the Doctrines of the Church because they are authoritarian, and wants to change the Church to basically be FREE FROM GOD.