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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

"No Culture is Above Christ"

Thank you Bishop Guimaraes, for speaking the truth about the people in this world still in need of the Gospel of Christ.  The Amazon Synod "working document" suggests that we should not corrupt the natural state of affairs within a pagan culture because they are just fine the way they are.  In fact, maybe THEY can teach us a few things.  What hooey!

To counter that, is a message of honesty and truth spoken by a Brazilian bishop who obviously is of a saner mind than the wacko's now advocating for a total course change for the Roman Catholic Church.  Read here what the bishop had to say.  It gives me a glint of hope that just maybe the Bark of Peter will survive this storm.  Where sanity still exists, let us all believe there is still hope.
Bishop of Formosa, 
Most Rev. Adair Guimaraes


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

There are only two kingdoms on earth, the Kingdom of God and The Kingdom of Satan, and those who are not members of the Kingdom of God or who do not desire to be members of the Kingdom of God, The Catholic Church, are members of the Kingdom of Satan.

Jesus established His Catholic Church for two purposes- Salvation and Sanctification - and those in the Hierarchy who are not focused on these two tasks are worthless servants not worthy of their office for they are not pastors of souls; in fact they could not care less about souls. They are political animals currying favor with the world, the ancient and permanent enemy of The Catholic Church.

Now is the time (it always is) to speak the truth plainly and simply.

God dwells in His Catholic Church alone. Period. THAT is the major truth ignored by Ecumenism, the Universal Solvent of Tradition.

Ecumenism is the praxis of Masonry in that it sees all men as good and possessed of the liberty to worship God, whomever he may be, in whatever way men desire to worship Him.

MyronM said...

Amazons in Rome
They set up their headquarter in the church of Santa Maria in Traspontina near St. Peter's Square. On the video of the celebration with their participation (this Black Panther dancing with a lectionary) inside this church one of the 2 figurines of pregnant women present on October 4 at a ritual picnic in the Vatican Gardens can be seen. One of them gave birth on the lawn to a boy, Antichrist (no more pampers, because he is about 60 years old).
I identify the second figurine, placed in front of the high altar of this Marian temple at Via della Concilazione, with the Woman who is to give birth according to the Apocalypse [chapter 12]. Pagans could not get better (or worse), invaded Carmel, the garden of the Holy Virgin, Queen of Heaven and Earth. They have the choice of either converting and accepting the Catholic and only Catholic faith, or they will cry and gnash their teeth outside the gates of New Jerusalem.
[ be continued]

MyronM said...

Who should this Woman give birth to? The Son-Man. That a son is a man is obvious (Genesis), but the Holy Virgin as our Mother the Holy Church, will give birth to Her man, or Her spouse ... who will feed all nations with an iron rod. So it is not a dozen character, but one of the key in the history of salvation - it is the Paraclete. ... The Red Dragon (= communism) wanted to devour Her child, but She fled with Him to the desert (= they are hidden somewhere). Saint Michael from his castle on the same Via della Concilazione stood up to fight the ancient Serpent and knocked him down ... Soon we will hear this loud voice: "Now comes the salvation, power and reign of our God
and the power of his anointed "... This anointed is the Paraclete promised by the Lord Jesus! Once we know his identity, the Dragon will be allowed to fight the rest of Her offspring for a short time: ... he began chasing the Woman who gave birth to a Man (= Her Spouse) ... And two wings of the great eagle (= the great Roman monarch) were given to let Her fly to the desert in her place, where She was nourished for time and time, and half the time.
The high altar of the Madonna with Child is guarded - as is the case with Carmelites - on one hand saints Elijah the Patriarch of Carmel with his successor Elisha, and on the other: saints Angelus of Jerusalem and Albert degli Abati. The Old Testament prophets do not need to be introduced, although it is worth remembering here how Elijah was severely dealing with demon worshipers, and the prophet Elisha healed leprosy in Jordan of a pagan general named Naaman and converted him to God.
Saint Angelus Taumaturg, a Hebrew born in Jerusalem, son of Jesse (!) and Maria (!), together with his twin brother John, joined the local Carmel of Saint Anna, later led missions among the Albigensians in Sicily, he died in Licata (+ 5 May, 1220) on the fourth day after suffering serious wounds at the hands of the Qatari knight Berengar.
Saint Albert of Trapani (+7 August 1307) - is a miracle worker and an extremely effective missionary among Sicilian Jews.
Present in Santa Maria in Traspontina, these four fathers and guardians of Carmel became famous for their miracles and principled struggle against pagans and heretics and converting them to true Faith. So the Amazons still have a chance to convert here, if the Jesuits stop dragging them from conference to conference and give them a break - otherwise they will face an unfortunate fate.
If Antichrist was born (in a spiritual sense) on feast of Saint Francis of Assisi (October 4, 2019), and if you believe the Jesuits - the designers of the Amazon-Tiber channel - that these figures are Saint Elizabeth* and the Holy Mother, then the Anointed-Paraclete will be born six months later: April 4, 2020, i.e. on feast day of Saint Francis Marto (of Fatima), on the eve of the Angel of the Apocalypse (Saint Vincent Ferrer). And April 5** is Palm Sunday, when Christ the King entering Jerusalem is greeted.
It all happens before our very eyes. Stay tuned.

October 9, feast of Saint Dionysius (of Paris), Bishop and Martyr with the Companions, Rusticus and Eleutherius

*Saint Elizabeth gave birth to Saint John the Baptist, the precursor and friend of Jesus Christ.
The Great Whore gave birth to Antichrist, a baptized man but apostate, precursor and enemy of the Paraclete.

**April 5th, feast of Notre-Dame de Moulins in the House of Bourbon, France