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Thursday, May 30, 2013

And the Holy Spirit Descended in the Form of a Dove

This lovely photo was taken on Wednesday May 15th, a few days before Pentecost Sunday at the Wednesday audience. Some pilgrims presented the pope with a cage holding two doves. He released the first one. The second got its wings caught in the bars of the cage, and sat for a few moments on the pope's hand before flying away. I believe these are homing pigeons. They are often released at events like weddings and funerals. They return to their home coop.
But what a lovely gesture just a few days before Pentecost Sunday. And how happy Pope Francis looks as he releases the bird. He does have about him the aura of a joyful man. And look at the two men behind him. Joy is contagious. Smile a lot today. It will be a gift to everyone you meet! Rejoice in the Lord always.

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