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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Whatever Happened to "The Buck Stops Here?"

Former IRS commissioner says scrutiny was not his job as a political appointee

If you believe this, I have a nice bridge here in the Valley I can sell you. Hey, it's an historic covered bridge! Do you actually think that a low level bureaucrat does this on his own? Nonsense! Policy is set by the guys at the top. As the next article contends.

That is a much more believable scenario. 

The fifth amendment that is - the one that protects individuals from self incrimination. In a trial the jury is not allowed to draw any conclusion from a defendant's right to take the fifth, but I think others can reasonably assume that Ms. Lerner doesn't want to tell what she knew and when she knew. Hey, she might even be taking the fifth to protect her higher ups. Maybe she knows the administration was fully aware of the persecution of the Tea Party et al. And doesn't it give you a great sense of peace to know that this lady is going to implement Obamacare? Good grief!

So the question much did Obama know and when did he know it? He claims (once again) to know nuthink. But that excuse is getting a little lame as one scandal after another piles up. Wouldn't it be great if oval office tapes turned up like those Nixon kept? But I suspect Chicago thug-style politicians don't keep that kind of evidence...unless they want to blackmail somebody. 

Let's hold the president accountable for his administration. He's the boss. If he were an honest boss, his underlings know that he'd expect the same honesty from underlings or heads would roll. But, let's face it, he's as honest as Nixon and his enemies list is probably a lot longer. 

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