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Monday, May 27, 2013

E.W. Jackson: The Black Man Racist Liberals Love to Hate!

Liberals are racists at heart. They are eager to abort black babies and they do - at a much higher rate than white babies. Blacks represent less than 13% of the population, but have almost 40% of the abortions. It's a project of stealth black genocide masquerading as health care for the poor. 

Liberals love to use black union workers as their precinct slaves and thugs to control their town hall meetings, but blacks are almost invisible in the corridors of liberal power. Consider the Obama White House, for example. How many blacks can you think of among his inner circle? Any? Reality check: There are fewer blacks in leadership positions in Obama's cabinet than in any presidential  administration of the past thirty-eight years! Attorney General Eric Holder is the ONLY black cabinet-level appointee in Obama's administration.

In view of that, it's been interesting to watch the liberal left puff out their chests and attack E.W. Jackson, a black conservative and the Virginia GOP's nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. The left is practically foaming at the mouth to discredit him, and they don't even mind using racism to do it. Let's take a look at a few liberals and their attacks on Jackson.

On Hardball Chris Mathews said Jackson represents the "crazy wing" of the party. He went on to say:
In a 2010 blog post, Jackson wrote that President Obama has a “Muslim perspective." He also says Michelle Obama and her husband are “the intellectual cousins and heirs of a Communist, collectivist way of thinking."
Uh...well? Obama bows to Muslim leaders, recites the Muslim call to prayer with a perfect accent, avoids calling Muslim terrorism Muslim terrorism to the extent of labeling Nidal Hasan's murderous rampage at Fort Hood as "workplace violence" despite his connections to known terrorists and calling out "Allahu Akbar" before he opened fire. So exactly how did Jackson get it wrong? As for having a "Communist, collectivist way of thinking"...Uh...yes! Has Matthews failed to notice Obama's connection to folks like Bill Ayers and Communist party activist Frank Marshall Davis who is described as his "mentor"? And, surely Chris knows his hero was endorsed by the Communist Party! Jackson got it 100% right, but he just doesn't send a thrill up Chis Matthew's leg so he get's the brass knuckles and designation of being the party of nuts and crazies.

And here's how the uber liberal Daily Kos' Hunter slandered Jackson. Just when you think the GOP couldn't get any loonier, along comes E.W. Jackson. A few quotes from a liberal voice of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion.attack Jackson's traditional conservatism in a vicious diatribe. According to Hunter,  the delegates who elected Jackson are guilty of "abject batshit insanity" for making him their "poster boy." (Can you imagine the uproar is somebody called Obama "boy?") Jackson is "incoherent" with "hatefulness dialed up to eleven and a half." He was "cloned in a Republican Lunatic Candidate vat." He's engaged in "spectacularly nasty rhetoric" and is an "f--king insane hatemonger." Wow! And Jackson is the one guilty of "nasty rhetoric?" Can you imagine if a conservative described Obama in this way? Anybody criticizing his positions is smeared as a racist. So what's going on here? Simple! It's what blacks who escape the liberal plantation receive as a matter of course. We saw it in the attempted "high tech lynching" of Clarence Thomas. It's the marginalizing of brilliant thinkers like Thomas Sowell and the attacks on black conservative women like Mia Love. Liberals will do everything they can to destroy Jackson!

Moving on we see liberal Wonkette in another attack describing Virginia's delegates as the party "dingbats." (Well who but a dingbat would vote for a black conservative?) The comments on Wonkette's post show exactly how racist liberals are. Here are just a few: Elviouslyqueer wrote, "somewhere, a cabin is missing its Uncle Tom." (Apparently E-queer never read the book or he would know that Uncle Tom was an admirable character who's been slimed by liberals.) "Lizietish81's snide comment was, "He is especially liked in the GOP for the way he refers to his white colleagues as 'Massa.'" Freakishly wrong said, "Wingers seem to have an endless supply of self-loathing stepin' fetchits to trot out to try and prove they're not bigots." There wasn't a single comment disagreeing with liberal bigotry which means either Wonkette doesn't post them or only racist liberals read her blog.

Jackson is being painted as an insane buffoon unlike Obama who the media declared the smartest man to ever win the presidency. His bio doesn't match the nasty portrait painted by the liberal media. His parents separated when he was a child and he was mostly raised in foster homes. He served in the Marine Corps for three years, being honorably discharged early after suffering a back injuryduring a training exercise. He attended the University of Massachusetts and graduated in only three year going on to receive his law and divinity degrees  from Harvard. He practiced law for 15 years in Boston and also taught Administrative Law at Northeastern University. And this is the man being treated as insane, a buffoon, an Uncle Tom, a hatemonger, and a "stepin fetchit" by liberal racists.

Conservative black columnist Star Parker cheered for Jackson's nomination saying:
Although Republicans are talking about black outreach, it is not, unfortunately, blacks like Jackson that they have in mind. 
He is outspoken about limited government and personal freedom, about the importance of family and traditional marriage, and about doing something about the scourge of abortion.
In other words, E.W. Jackson stands for everything that the Republican Party once stood for.
He’s making the Republicans of inclusion squirm. 
The current Republican Lt. Governor of Virginia, Bill Bolling, immediately criticized his party for nominating Jackson, saying it will feed the “image of extremism” in the party.
Ronald Reagan used to say that the 11th commandment was to not speak ill of a fellow Republican. That commandment has now been modified to permit it if that fellow Republican is a Christian conservative. 
Certainly Jackson does not pull punches. But his statements about the government “plantation” are 100 percent true. It’s no accident that trillions of dollars in government programs have had zero impact on black poverty. But black single parent homes and out-of-wedlock births have tripled since the War on Poverty began in 1965... 
The country needs a bold alternative voice to wake it up. The conservative Ken Cuccinelli – E W Jackson ticket in Virginia is such a voice.

Will their party get behind them or pull the rug out like they’ve done to other conservatives in recent races? Will the Republican Party get back to what it once was about or will it become just another symptom of a nation in decline?
Judging from the establishment Republicans attacking Virginia, the answer is clear, which means that grassroots activists must work hard to get our candidates elected. It all starts with prayer and fasting and then supporting our ticket by knocking on doors, holding coffees and working like crazy. The liberal racists have already declared defeat for the Cuccinelli/Jackson ticket in November. Let's show them that traditional family values aren't as dead as they'd like to think!


Old Bob said...

Thank you, Mary Ann!
By contrast, here in Minnesota we have Keith Ellison, raised Catholic, turned Muslim.
I don't know him, but from what I know of his record, he's as liberal as they come.
I'm sure he has faults (we all do) but according to the local media, he walks on water.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Sounds like a liberal savior -- anyone but the Christian God who really did save!