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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meet Bill Baird

Writing my last post led me out of curiosity to see what the "father of abortion rights" is up to these days. Sadly, at 80+ Baird continues to relish his role as abortion guru who succeeded "beyond [his] wildest dreams."

One statement he made recently is particularly interesting. “I knew that if we could get the birth control law repealed on privacy grounds, we could get abortion too,” Many people, even Catholics, deny the link between contraception and abortion, but Baird saw it clearly. Legally contraception and abortion are linked. But not just legally. Contraception leads to acceptance of abortion. The word literally means "contra-ception" = "against conception." God is the author of life, but contraception snatches God's authority over life and transfers it to the couple. Instead of seeking God's will for the family, it imposes man's will on God. "You may want us to have another child, but WE have our own will in the matter and We will decide for ourselves."

Contraception and abortion illustrate man's determination to be God. Bill Baird recognized the link to religion and, in his outrageous street-theater style, he often illustrated it with blasphemy. Please pray for him today. At his age commitment to evil is a dangerous game. The day is getting nearer when he'll have to explain his death-dealing career to the author of life!

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