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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Phony Benghazi Narrative that took Precedence over American Lives

WH Benghazi Documents Show CIA, State Both Wanted Terror References Removed from Talking Points

Obama wouldn't allow any boat rocking that challenged his phony narrative that he gutted al-Qaeda. Hey it was the modern version of Neville Chamberlain's 1938 "peace in our time" speech -- right before Hitler started to invade countries right and left. Who says history doesn't repeat itself? 

Here are the astute comments from my email buddy, Gary Morella:
Four Americans were murdered by their traitorous government whose orders that night were no military action to rescue them, i.e., STAND DOWN. We wouldn't want to disturb Obama's sleep, you see, as there was a big fund raiser in Vegas the next day that was a higher priority than the lives of Americans in harm's way!

Obama went to bed ordering no military action in Benghazi because he didn't want his lie of Al-Qaeda being on the run exposed before the election which is all that he cared about, i.e., staying in power to complete his willful destruction of a free America from within with the lives of Americans in harm's way being expendable, just like the lives of our military being forced to fight a PC war with the self-esteem of the radical jihadists being a higher priority for the Imam Obama than their safety!

This is why Obama had to invent the youtube lie to turn the terrorists into victims, which is par for the course for Islam loving radical leftists in order to deflect the blame from the Shariah Law or death mindset of Islamists who, in living to hate all who dare oppose their fraud "religion of peace", have left a trail of suffering, death and destruction everywhere in the world where they've seized power via the rule of the mob with the help of enablers like Obama who supports the anti-American pro-radical jihadist Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the Middle East with the end result being the acceleration of Christian persecution as evinced by the burning of Coptic Christian Churches and their congregations in Egypt! 

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