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Monday, May 6, 2013

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton: Scandalizing in Retirement

Some bishops are so predictable. They spent their active ministry committing scandals without end. Why stop after retirement?

Case in point: Bishop Thomas Gumbleton who spent his entire "career" (I use the term deliberately) pushing the gay agenda and filling the diocese of Detroit, where he was an auxiliary bishop, with dissent.

Gumbleton was notorious for publicly disputing Church teaching on women's ordination, contraception, and the gay lifestyle. And it continues. On Sunday he celebrated an anniversary liturgy for Dignity, the homosexual activist group for Catholics. Support for Dignity was one of the in-your-face dissent activities that caused Rome to force Gumbleton's retirement in 2006 after he refused to resign upon reaching the mandatory retirement age of 75.

But retirement hasn't shut up this loudmouthed dissenter. He continues to scandalize while he publicly disagrees with the solid doctrinal teaching of the current Archbishop of Detroit, Allen Vigneron. And, of course he's the media darling for his attack on Church authority.

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