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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rebuilding: The Blue Birds and the People of Moore, Oklahoma

I had a tragedy in my backyard a few days ago that reminded me on a mini scale of the devastating tornado disaster in Oklahoma. Something (probably a curious young bear) came through my yard and destroyed two houses. One was vacant; the other was occupied by a pair of bluebirds and their three little pre-born baby birds. At first I thought the vandalizer might be a raccoon, but the screws attaching the houses to the poles were bent and the houses took a real beating. Besides, a raccoon would likely have eaten the eggs, but whatever committed the vandalism left two uneaten broken eggs and one intact egg on the ground. It was senseless destruction and mayhem -- sort of like the tornado.

So why does this remind me of Oklahoma, a disaster on a grand scale? Because as soon as we replaced the house with a new bluebird box, the parents came back to rebuild. They are going in and out of the box even as I write this, presumably making a new nest.

No wonder Jesus told his listeners to look to the lilies of the field and the birds of the air. They have much to teach us. The bluebirds, like the people of Moore, are starting over. They will fly back and forth filling their new home with new nesting material. And I hope when they are finished the mother bird will lay new eggs. Bluebirds can have up to three broods in a season, so my optimism squares with nature.

The people of Moore are certainly worth more than a pair of bluebirds or the proverbial two sparrows sold for a penny. And every hair on their heads is counted. God will be with them as they begin again with the indefatigable spirit that overflows in people of faith which they are. May God pour out His blessings upon them as they rebuild. He knows what they need and promises to provide for those who "Seek first His kingship...and His way of holiness." God is not a stingy Father. He has the people of Moore in His hands and they will rebuild with His help.

God our Father, pour out Your Spirit upon them through Christ our Lord.

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Jeanne Holler said...

People of Faith .....
Yes let us continue to pray and help in any way we can the people of Moore, OK.
They are our brothers and sisters and let us help them rebuild : God will never be outdone in love and kindess!