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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Catholic Scouts of St. George: A Brilliant Idea

It's time for Catholics to exit the Boy Scouts. Bringing in homosexual boys (i.e., adolescents brainwashed into the "gay" mindset) is just the preliminary step to the gay takeover of scouting at all levels. After all, what possible objection can the national board have to making a graduating homosexual eagle scout a troop leader? It's a no-brainer. The first home-run is the game winner! And they had all the bases loaded when they smashed it in. That the battle isn't over was illustrated clearly in a May 23rd article in the New York Times which began, "For Carol Clayton, the battle over gays in the Boy Scouts did not end on Thursday. Until gay members can serve as troop leaders — not only as scouts — she sees a human rights violation."

I have to give the cultural termites credit.
They know how to frame an issue...they are very patient...just like the Gramsci Communists who realized violent revolution was much less likely to succeed in the long run than changing a culture from within, hence the long, slow march through the churches, the schools, government at all levels, the courts, the entertainment industry, non-profits, the media, political and economic think tanks, etc. Fr. Enrique Rueda described the same inexorable infiltration of these institutions in his 1982 book, The Homosexual Network: Private Lives and Public Policy. Fr. Rueda made it clear his book outlining the homosexual network's success in transforming the culture was simply describing the "way things are." He drew few conclusions about the information he gathered, offering mostly observations, with a notable exception. "The conclusion that the homosexual movement is a subset of the spectrum of American liberal movements," he said,  "is inescapable." It began with framing a particular perverted behavior as a "civil right" comparing it to slavery -- as if choosing perverted behavior is the same as an unchanging physical characteristic. It's a lie that caught on.

Facing reality is essential to making decisions and the reality is that the Boy Scouts, by accepting gay youngsters, have joined the homosexual's bloodless revolution. The inexorable march to depravity in the scouts is ensured. Young scouts will be taught that they must be "tolerant" and "accepting," that gay is good, just an "alternative lifestyle" and anyone who thinks differently is a heartless, homophobic bigot.

Every ism from Naziism, to Communism, to feminism must capture the hearts, minds, and souls of the young to succeed. That's what taking over the scouts is all about. Parents who truly love their children need to recognize that the Boy Scouts have joined the ranks of the enemy. The only response is to flee, not out of fear of those who suffer from same-sex attraction, they are to be pitied and prayed for, but fear of hell fire. The Church has always taught us to avoid the near occasions of sin and to avoid bad companions. Those who encourage or engage in deviant behavior (Does anyone really believe this is about chaste and virginal behavior?) are certainly not appropriate companions for those striving to live according to God's laws.

Which brings me to Taylor Marshall's proposal for a new Catholic scouting movement, the Catholic Scouts of St. George. It is a brilliant idea with the possibility of Catholic troops leaving Boy Scouts en masse and setting up their own separate troops in the heart of the Church, troops that encourage boys to grow into holy, men who love the faith and love their families. Visit Marshall's website pages here and here that describe his initiative and join his list to help spread this idea and bring it to fruition.

Moral deviance is a dead end whatever form it takes. Homosexual acts are particularly dead since they not only cannot give life, but give rise to deadly diseases. But most of all, they kill the soul. As St. John warns there is such a thing as deadly sin,  and deadly sin is the last thing parents should want to encourage in their young boys. Flee the Boy Scouts! They will corrupt your boys as surely as wallowing in a pile of manure!


LifeLetterj said...

We need a Catholic form of the Girl Scouts as well. The original Girl Scout laws emphasized obedience and purity. Over the years purity was watered down to cleanliness in thought, word and deed, until all references to keeping oneself pure or clean in thought were removed back in 1972. The Girl Scouts at the national level have adopted an LGBTQ agenda and have befriended Planned Parenthood. In the past, I did not realize they had an aggressive agenda to abandon sexual purity in favor of tolerating evil, so I allowed my young daughters to participate. No more. Even if the local troup appears friendly to young girls, they are fooling parents so they can indoctrinate children to believe in their ridiculously evil notion of so-called tolerance. Start a group that stands for truly moral behavior.

Anonymous said...

Why not start it as CHRISTIAN Scouts of St. George....the Methodists would probably go for that and may have more scouting than Catholics.

Anonymous said...

Methodists are not Christian that's why

Anonymous said...

Our local Catholic Girls are in AHG, American Heritage Girls. Check it out! Maybe well get AHB, American Heritage Boys. We will definately be looking into Scounts of St. George thou

Jack said...

What is the gay mindset or the LDBTQ agenda? These phrases are tossed around as if they were self-evident truths.

May a point out that just because someone has homosexual orientation, this is no evidence that he is sexually active. Homosexuals, just like heterosexuals, can be celibate or even virginal.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

You are right about some of those who are same-sex attracted being celibate. I know several men who fit that category - struggling Catholics who made the choice to stop sinning and embrace the cross of their disordered temptations. Good for them! Temptation to sinful desires is something we all have to deal with.

These men are not out advancing the causes of "gay marriage" and working to change laws like California just did to give special privileges to "transgender" kids who may now use opposite sex school facilities (locker rooms, showers, bathrooms) and join opposite sex athletic teams because they feel like they are in the wrong body.

That is the "gay" agenda at work, forcing all of us to accept perverted inclinations as normal. Little girls have no right to maintain their innocence in the face of what is obviously a "gay agenda" to force the normalization of homosexuality in all its weird manifestations on everyone.

Jack said...

Transgenderism has nothing to do with homosexuality, though uninformed people frequently conflate them.

A homosexual male wants to relate sexually as a man to another man.

A male-to-female transsexual wants to relate as a WOMAN to another man.

And if people can't grasp the difference between homosexuality and transsexuality, what would the make of the strictly medical and biological issue of intersexuality?

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to bring to your attention a movement that provides Catholic scouting, with a Catholic formation for both boys and girls, and is recognized by the Vatican as an association of the lay faithful of pontifical right, the Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE).

Please see for the first group in the USA (also on Facebook at

Some 80% of religious (including some bishops) come from the movement.