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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Late-Term Abortionist Warren Hern: The Poor Victim

Exactly how many abortionists/workers have been murdered since 1973? Here's the body count (8) according to Wikipedia:

Eight killed since 1973! That's 8 in 40 years! And except for Paul Hill and James Kopp, none of the killers had any connection whatsoever to the pro-life movemen. They didn't join the prayer vigils or pickets. No one who regularly went to the abortion mills knew them. John Salvi was clearly a disturbed individual described as "schizophrenic" at his trial.

Now what about the body count of the abortionists? Over two hundred women and 55 million babies! How many abortionists again? Four of the eight murdered mill workers!

Tell me again how sorry we should feel for Warren Hern and his brotherhood of hired killers? And how scared he should be of the folks outside his abortion mill?

Wow! Those 40 Days for Life prayer warriors are scary!

It's hard for me to feel much sympathy for anyone who has made a living by killing babies, even babies a few weeks from birth, and daring to call it "health care." But that's the rhetoric of the serial abortion killer. He is the poor, persecuted victim - not the babies he murders or the women he exploits (some of them victims of statutory rape, others being coerced by parents or boyfriends).

But, Hern claims, it's pro-lifer's "rhetoric" that kills. No, what kills, is the "Tiller protocol" hired assassins like Hern employ in their bloody business to make sure they get a dead baby. Note that a woman who aborts in this way is generally sent home or back to her hotel with laminaria inserted in her cervix. She is medically unmonitored as she waits for labor to begin. Is it really surprising that some of these women die from their "safe" abortions?

And speaking of violence, how often have you read in the media about the violence against pro-lifers? There's plenty of it. Read here. There's also the violence against the women to coerce them to have abortions. Pro-abortionists are in a bloody, violent business and violence surrounds it? What is amazing is how peaceful the pro-life movement opposing this bloodbath has been. It is the most peaceful social movement in history! Let me make it absolutely clear that I am opposed to killing abortionists and abortion workers. But, like the pro-abortionists say, how can I impose my morality on others? The "pro-choice" crowd says it's okay to kill babies in the womb. Many of them say it's okay to kill babies after they're born. Many say it's okay to kill other folks if they're sick or handicapped. So tell me again why killing an abortionist is wrong according to their philosophy?

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