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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two Thumbs Up to Fr. Richard Perozich Who's Boycotting Boy Scouts!

And may many other priests follow his example!

Priest 'boycotting' Boy Scouts; Cardinal Raymond Burke on 'Homosexuality and the Catholic Church'

Parents who endorse their children's sinful behavior out of a confused sense of love, may be setting them on the road to hell. I wonder, would a parent with a child who habitually shoplifted approve that lifestyle? What if the child were addicted to drugs. Would the parent feed the habit and buy clean needles? Would they support a child who molested children?

 Parents who approve of their children's sins because they "love" them, do not understand love. The first duty of parents toward their children is to help them get to heaven. Approving of their mortal sins is the last thing a loving parent should do. If the child dies in the state of mortal sin, he or she WILL GO TO HELL. Mortal sin destroys the relationship with God. Is the parents' desire to be approved by their children so strong they will sacrifice their children's souls to it?

Nobody has to sever relations with their children who are making bad choices, but parents are guilty of serious sin themselves when they endorse their children's mortally sinful lifestyles. And it is an action that is ultimately selfish because what a parent is really saying is, "I will not risk my child's anger or rejection of ME because  it will hurt ME too much." So God takes a back seat to the child and the child's sin. 

I'm a parent. Raising our five children wasn't always easy. I remember before our children reached adolescence, a friend with older children told us, "You'll change when your children are teenagers."  We didn't. Was holding the line always easy. No. One child played the "You don't love me." card when I refused to do something. I laughed and said, "I told you when you were a teenager I cold never do that." What I didn't, but would today is, "If You loved Me, you wouldn't ask me to do that."

Pray for parents, especially those tempted to approve of their children sinful decision in order not to "alienate their children." Alienating God is a lot worse! And, in the end, when a parents reward bad behavior, they just get more of it. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, so abandon your children because of mortal sins. What of one of your children or grandkids came to you and Sid that they were gay? They were raised by bible thumpers like you. I suppose you would just look the other way and disown them.Abandon them because they are gay which is something that is not a choice. When did you decide to be hetero? Exactly, you didn't did you. You just knew, the same goes for homosexuals. You are so focused on homosexuality. You are so sad.