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Thursday, May 16, 2013

One More Stem Cell Success Without Cannibalizing a Baby

Embryonic stem cell research is a waste of money as well as a killer. The successes coming about from use of stem cells involve collecting them from the patient himself or use of adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cell research shows no promise for most diseases: breast cancerParkinson, or much of anything else. 

Why the big rage for ESC research. What makes the world go round? MONEY! If I get a treatment using my own stem cells, they are mine and there's no charge to use them. But if universities and research centers and big pharma can patent embryonic stem cell lines -- voila -- the cash cow.  So don't kid yourself. ESC research is not about helping people. It's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Which is the motivation behind most of those immersed in the culture of death. Abortionists don't care about women as Kermit Gosnell, Leroy Carhart, Lois Turner, Douglas Karpan, Warren Hern, etc. amply illustrate. It's all about the money. And it's big money indeed. Here's the fee schedule from one abortion mill along with their payment policy. No personal checks -- just like your doctor and your dentist right?:
Surgical Abortion Services:
4 - 14 weeks & 6 days $400.00
15 - 16 weeks $800.00
16 weeks & 1 day - 17 weeks $950.00
17 weeks & 1 day - 18 weeks $1,150.00
18 weeks & 1 day - 19 weeks $1,600.00
19 weeks & 1 day - 20 weeks $1,800.00
20 weeks & 1 day - 21 weeks $2,000.00
21 weeks & 1 day - 22 weeks $2,200.00
• We accept cash, money orders, credit cards (Visa® | MasterCard® | Discover® | American Express®) and ATM cards (when used as a credit card) if the cardholder is present to sign for charges. We do not accept personal checks.
It's interesting to note that, while this abortion mill talks about how qualified their physicians are, they don't identify any. So there's no way a prospective patient could check up on the doc. Hmmm....let the buyer beware.

And thinking back about stem cells -- I wonder how many abortion mills sell the stem cells and other body parts of the babies they butcher. Aborting moms might ask for a cut of the profits to be made from killing their babies!

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