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Friday, May 24, 2013

Check Out "Agenda: Grinding America Down" Recommended by Fr. Tom

This movie explains a lot about what is going on in American and you can view it FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME. Think how different things would be if every American citizen watched this film! Here's a trailer for the film; watch the whole thing:

And here's Fr. Tom's message:

Internet friends -
I saw the movie GRINDING AMERICA DOWN on the internet at It is a thought-provoking documentary on the strategies being used to morally degrade and destroy our nation. Sadly, it shows how the moral decline of our nation is more than the result of the perverting power of sin. Rather it is intimately linked with an agenda to tear us from our Judaeo-Christian roots and to make us all addictive
slaves to the dictates of our government. It is especially timely as we have witnessed gross abuses of power
being "punished" with "golden parachute" early retirements and the ongoing slandering of those who courageously demand truth and accountability from the media and from government officials.

In Christ,

Fr. Tom

And if you want to see more about Curtis Bowers, check out his acceptance of the award for best film of festival in 2010. Learn how his home schooling family supported their dad during the two years of making this film. Wow! Is there someone in your family who needs to see this?


Siobhan said...

Sadly, the "American Patriotic Church" is onboard with the policies that are destroying us. They support everything that the left puts forth and give lip service to being against abortion and gay marriage,while allowing their politicians to remain within the church. Give the devil his due - the communists have succeeded. Only Our Lady can save us.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I think you're right. But Our Lady has turned things around lickity split before. Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, do to Church in the U.S. what you did in Mexico when you appeared to Juan Diego. We need your intercession. Please pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Siobhan said...

Mary Ann,the issue that's really bothering me right now is how the Bishops are supporting amnesty for people who have criminally entered a sovereign country, and then expect that country to bend for them. The Bishops know full well that these people will vote for the Democratic Party and thus torpedo the pro-life movement and the defense of marriage, and of course, the rule of law. It just pains me to conclude that the American Catholic Church under the guidance of these prelates is now a big part of the problem.
PS – I now add Archbishop Gomez to those I no longer have any respect for. How dare he tell us that our country “will lose its soul” if we don’t reward these criminals! He acts like an agent for the Mexican government. Hey Bishop – how about looking south to see where the real problem lies. A thoroughly corrupt government that is not forced to reform and cowardly clergy like Gomez who refuse to challenge the status quo. How easy it is to blame the USA instead.

Anonymous said...

I watched it...what a perfect title to what is happening to our beloved country.

Mary Frances said...

Wow! Thanks for letting us know about this Mary Ann. I just watched the movie. Every person in America should. So to get started on that, we're going to have dinner and a movie night in our family.

I always learn so much and get so much inspiration from your blog.

God bless you!

Mary Frances

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

A family movie night. What a great idea! I'll have to do that next time our adult children are visiting.