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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Liberal Mother Jones Implies Blacks are Murderers, Rapists, and Pedophiles!

Liberals are such hypocrites! Read the Mother Jones article and the comments following criticizing Congress for cutting off food stamps to murderers, rapists, and pedophiles. You'd never know Congress was talking about serious crimes from the hand-wringing whining of liberals. Nope, Congress is really picking on blacks - black youth in fact who only committed one murder at a tender age!

Actually, I thought the congressmen were picking on criminals. But Mother Jones says they are black criminals even though all the criminals, no matter their color, will be equally cut off.

Can you imagine the uproar if that article were posted on the American Spectator or by the Family Research Council? Liberals typically attack conservatives as racists for opposing any socialist policy advanced by our black president. Any act by a conservative is racist. Hence, when conservatives vote to make murderers, rapists, and pedophiles (of any color) ineligible for food stamps, we all know that Congress is really using "murderer's, rapists, and pedophiles" as code words for blacks.

Yikes? Talk about a systemic attitude of racism!

But then it's Democrat policies that destroyed many black families replacing fathers with Uncle Sam Sugar Daddy who herded his families into subsidized housing projects to keep them corralled. As Star Parker said in a column recently:
It’s no accident that trillions of dollars in government programs have had zero impact on black poverty. But black single parent homes and out-of-wedlock births have tripled since the War on Poverty began in 1965.
Yup, because it wasn't about making families less dependent; it was all about creating a reliable Democrat voting block who demanded handouts forever and would vote for the party that provided them. That's why liberals also have a policy of dumbing down the education system. Turn the schools into laboratories for sexual experimentation through sex ed, safe touch, and anti-bullying programs and you refocus kids' attention from their brains to their genitals. (It's hard to develop critical thinking skills from various positions between the sheets.) And absolutely forbid school choice so concerned parents (especially single parents) can flee failing schools. Nope! The only choice liberal government gives the poor is to kill their babies (for their own good, of course).

Which brings me back to murderers, rapists, and pedophiles. A society that promotes lust, which ours obviously does, is guaranteed all three. Lust and violence are like two sides of a coin; they go together. Serial killers teach us that! Ted Bundy described the beginning of his problem when he found pornography and became addicted to it. Jeffrey Dahmer was a homosexual cannibal. So many serial killers are motivated by sex that they have their own classification: Lust Serial Killers. Now, why should taxpayers be forced to feed them? Let them get jobs or line up outside church soup kitchens. They need morality as much as food and they aren't likely get that at the local welfare department. 

As for Mother Jones -- they're just a bunch of liberal racists!

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