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Monday, May 20, 2013

Planned Parenthood Says Butchers LIke Gosnell Are an Aberration

Like hell they are!

Texas Gosnell Douglas Karpen
Abortion Doc Who Twists Off Babies’ Heads Killed Woman in Failed Abortion

Maryland Gosnell Nicola Riley
Abortion Doc Who Kept Remains of 35 Aborted Babies Loses License

Maryland Abortionist Overdosed and Killed patient
Romeo Ferrer

New York abortionist Abu Hayat went to jail in the 1990s after butchering a woman and severing the arm of her baby. He was a member of the National Abortion Federation that claimed to oversee their "clinics" and require compliance with their "rigorous standards." 

Abortionist Jesse Ketchum

Exposing Substandard Abortion Facilities: The Pervasiveness of True “Back-Alley” Practices
Fourteen states have opened up investigations into abortion mills that are butchering women as well as babies. There are more protections for cats and dogs than for women choosing abortion.

And don't forget that Planned Parenthood supports sexual predators who prey on minor girls. Sometimes the predators even kill their victims.
20-Year-Old Man Kills, Sets on Fire 14-Year-Old Who Refused Abortion

Abortion is a bloody business and you cannot murder children day after day without growing callous towards life. Kermit Gosnell was no aberration. He was the inevitable result of making a living as a hired killer. 

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