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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Horrible Reality Exposed by Kermit Gosnell

Over the past few months I've read many articles about Kermit Gosnell's grisly abortion mill. His callousness and the scope of his murderous behavior is shocking even to someone like me who has spent the last 45 years immersed in trying to expose the bloody evil of the abortion movement. While Planned Parenthood tries to convince people that he is an aberration, he seems all-too-typical to me. I remember a conversation with Thomas Gressinger, the medical director at the Northern Virginia Women's Medical Center (highfalutin name for an abortion mill that did no women's medicine, except killing little women among others). Gressinger admitted that the babies in the women were human and then shrugged. "So what?" was his cavalier response. Picketing outside a hotel in D.C. years ago where the abortionists were holding a meeting, I spoke to the notorious Bill Baird, "father of abortion rights." I carried a poster with the famous Life Magazine cover showing a late term baby. He denied the fact (with a straight face) that it was a baby. "Any two-year-old could recognize it," I responded. Only the lying killers could relegate this obvious member of our human family to a subhuman "fetus," fodder for greedy abortionists, the mothers' hired killers.

An article in the Lincoln Diocese's newspaper points out the logical consistency of Kermit Gosnell's actions:
Indeed, there is a hideous logical consistency in Gosnell’s career. He started off killing children in the womb, and ended up killing them after birth. At some point, the distinction between abortion and infanticide must have struck him as a mere technicality, just a matter of geography....Indeed, on the level of moral principles, infanticide and abortion are equivalent. Kermit Gosnell took the abortion mentality to its logical conclusion.
But the article goes even further to connect Gosnell's mentality with the preceding moral evil, contraception. Contraception is the culture of death's entry drug. It leads inexorably to Gosnell's house of horrors:
But the link between infanticide and abortion is not the only issue raised by this case. There is also the larger question of how human life is regarded, in a culture where contraception is widespread and abortion becomes "backup birth control." After all, most women who seek an abortion are on some form of birth control. 
Kermit Gosnell’s actions are the logical outcome of the abortion mentality. But they are also, in a deeper sense, the result of what Blessed John Paul II called the "contraceptive mentality."
Many people wrongly believe contraception prevents abortion. This is not borne out by statistics, or by careful thinking about the issues. 
Research shows that contraception leads to riskier behavior, more unplanned pregnancies, and consequently, more abortion. When contraception fails – as it inevitably does – couples are tempted to eliminate the "unwanted" life.
In the end Kermit Gosnell's trial is not just about Gosnell and his baby-killing (and mother-killing) cohorts. It is about us. A community can be judged by the way it treats the weak and defenseless. The reason the media doesn't want to cover the Gosnell trial is that it holds a mirror up to ourselves and the kind of people we have become. It's not a pretty sight!


Anonymous said...

The more our culture accepts these practices, the more we accept evil. Before long, we won't be able to draw a line between what is right and wrong.
I find it ironic that abortion rights is also called reproductive rights. There is nothing reproductive about abortion!

Al Henneberry said...

Gosnell has a smarmy smile during grisly testimony at his trial. He appears to be in denial and expects to be cleared and back in his clinic. They say Sandusky had the same smile at his trial.