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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who are the Real Extremists? Abortionists and Their Advocates!


Christian said...

I just wish to point out that planned parenthood is non profit.

Regarding abortions and ladies dying from them, this is true and I am not condoning unsanitary conditions. But if you look at any medical procedure it becomes obvious you can die, i.e. appendix removal can lead to death in severe cases. So we should be careful to criticise an non profit agency that is looking out for benefits of a few needy people compared to a profit religion enterprise looking out for the benefits of its own.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm not sure what your point is. Being a non-profit doesn't mean PP is serving the best interests of their clients. If you look at their income, 37% comes from abortion. 47% comes from federal and state government. What "health care" does PP offer? Mostly drugs, plugs, abortion, STD testing and vaccines. The health department does STD testing and vaccines and abortion and many contraceptives contribute to health problems in women, not health care.

PP was recently exposed for the lie that they do mammograms. They do not. Most of their facilities are focused on the big money-maker: abortion.

Frankly I find Planned Parenthood's mentality toward the poor offensive and insulting - that the best thing we can do for the poor is kill their children. It's a sick outlook on life, as though the poor are less valuable than those more well off. But that view is consistent with Margaret Sanger's philosophy.

Talk to doctors in the third world and they tell of no medicine to treat diarrhea and infections, no efforts to provide clean water -- but warehouses filled with contraceptives and hand-operated abortion machines provided by Planned Parenthood types in America. It's shameful!

Christian said...

Again you are talking profit, but they are a non profit organization.

BTW I come from Africa and let me say that a huge problem is unplanned children. Actually the doctors that I have personally talked to will also tell you this. Again I am not denying that Malaria, diarrhoea etc are also killers.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I'm afraid I still don't understand your point. Plenty of people make lots of money off of non profits. Cecile Richards makes $400K as president of Planned Parenthood. I imagine their abortionists are well paid also. It's true they don't have stockholders, but that doesn't keep them from being immersed in a culture of greed.

As for "unplanned" children, are they less valuable than "planned" ones? Check out the facts on the risks and complications of contraceptives, especially in the third world where women have little access to decent medical care.

Christian said...

Ok so you are agreeing they are non profit, I thank you for that. But to expect that people who are doing work to not get paid is ridiculous. Even ministers/priests/clerics/rabbis get paid so this is a null argument.

Also I did not say that unplanned children are more worthy than planned children. I am just noting that excess mouths to feed in a home that can only afford 1 is a huge problem.More pregnancies, mean more chance of these children developing fatal illness for which there are limited treatments in the 3rd world. Limited treatments due to poverty, not due to lack of care.

I think also to point out the facts of complications of contraceptives is a valid argument, but we should also point out then the risks of pregnancy and the risks of STDs and the risk of any medical treatment. You can after all die from something simple like an appendectomy.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Can you please explain your point about it being a non profit. I don't see what difference that makes. There are for-profit hospitals and non-profits. What difference does that make to the mission? Planned Parenthood's primary mission is abortion. It's their bread and butter. They also promote hedonism and child sex. They are an evil organization from top to bottom. How does being a non-profit make a difference?

Christian said...

5:07 murder for profit business model.

That is in the movie and that is a lie. Thats what I was pointing out.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

So, since Planned Parenthood is a non profit no one profits? Cecile Richards with her $400K salary doesn't profit. The heads of individual PP affiliates who average about $160,000 a year don't profit.

You can call it "non profit" all you want, but those involved are profiting personally big time. So your point is moot. And the fact is that abortion IS big business whether they call themselves non profits or not.