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Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Day to Remember: Filled with Grace!

Twenty-nine years ago today, my Dad entered into eternal life. Today, one of the youngest of his great-grandchildren, Maximilian Edward, our newest grandchild, was baptized into the Holy Catholic Church. As I looked around at our children and grandchildren gathered around the baptismal font, I thought of all the branches on Dad and Mom's family tree. With ten children who all married and had children of their own, most of whom are now married and have children of their own -- well it's a legacy of love and life that stretches from the year they married, 1940, until today. I think mom and dad had 39 grandchildren, but that count may be off. I've totally lost track of the number of their great-grandchildren. And we look forward to many, many great-great grandchildren and beyond.

Do you ever think of your ancestors and pray for them? Especially those who passed on the faith? It has become a regular prayer for me. Thank you, dear ancestors, for loving and sharing the faith so that I could be a Catholic today passing the faith on to my own grandchildren. I can't think of a greater gift to give or be given.

Lord, if any of those dear ones are still in Purgatory, please release them today because of their faithfulness in transmitting the faith to their children and grandchildren.

St. Joseph, protector of the family, pray for us.

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