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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Do You Know What Your Kids are Learning in Public School?

If you love your kids, you'd better be on top of this!

Maybe all public schools aren't this bad, but I know that back in the 70s Fairfax County's sex ed program was anti-parent, explicit, and gave kids permission to have sex as young as middle school. "Just don't change sexual partners too frequently." I can only imagine what they teach now 40 years later. 

Everybody can't home school, let's face it. And how many families, especially large Catholic families can afford Catholic schools these days? Maybe it's time for a return to the "dame schools." And aren't there some retired folks out there who can offer to help tutor kids in math, science, foreign languages, and other skills that home schooling parents may lack?

There's always an alternative when innocents' souls are at stake!

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