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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tomorrow is First Friday: Take Advantage of the Graces!

I'm focusing on the nine First Fridays devotion to secure the promises of Our Lord to St. Margaret Mary. They're wonderful! What a consolation if you've made them!

Larry and I fulfilled the requirements in June. They're easy: go to Mass on the first Friday of the month for nine consecutive months, receive Holy Communion worthily, and go to confession within eight days before or after. There's even a website to help you keep track and send you reminders as First Friday approaches. I signed up and I hope you will too. And if you haven't enthroned the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts in your home, why not ask your pastor about it. The Legion of Mary happily visits families to carry out the enthronement. If your parish is blessed with a Legion, ask them about it.

I probably made the nine first Fridays when I was a child, but I want First Friday to become a perpetual devotion in my life. That will insure I go to Confession at least once a month as well as making sure each month starts out with reflecting on the grace mercy and love of Our Lord. What a win-win situation. So please join me by going to Mass tomorrow aware of the day's significance and reflecting in your heart on the goodness of God who desires us all to become saints.

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