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Saturday, July 26, 2014

An Interesting Comparison of Nazi Policies with Today's Progressive Elites

Fr. Tom is always thought provoking. Here's an email he sent today with my comments in red. Remember, liberalism is a sin because it replaces God with man and His wisdom with big utopian ideas spawned in hell by the father of lies. Check out all the holocausts of the 20th century to see how well that worked.

Thanks, Father, for giving us something to think about-- again!

Hitler and his Nazi thugs maintained their power by employing certain techniques.
  • they cynically aroused and then appeased resentments against any who did not fit into their plans for an evolutionary advanced new world order; [Democrats use community organizing techniques to foster hatred and disunity between groups whether it's racial animosity or economic jealousy.]
  • they ignored or ridiculed evidence that contradicted their theories and agendas (e.g., Jesse Owens victories over the "Master Race" in the 1936 Olympics, Einstein's discoveries in quantum physics) [There's no such thing as a conservative black. All blacks who leave the liberal plantation are "Uncle Toms. They try to destroy them - like Clarence Thomas.]
  • they declared certain groups of humanity as sub-human, and then consigned them to either death or to slave labor; [Abort unborn babies, put the handicapped on a "different path" with regard to health treatment, and kill off the useless elderly by terminal sedation and assisted suicide.]
  • they proclaimed themselves and their agenda as being on the right side of history;
  • they promoted evolution as justification for eugenics and for the extermination of the "unfit" [ref. liberals love affair with  Planned Parenthood, a eugenics organization from the get-go.] 
  • they subjected scientific research to their political agenda; [ref. the global warming hoax where data is manipulated, scientists who disagree are denied publication, etc.]
  • they abused political power to intimidate or suppress any who did not agree or cooperate with them; [Note the destruction of their political enemies: the IRS persecution of conservative groups, etc.]
  • they redistributed the wealth of the "greedy rich Jews" in order to promote social justice. [Gotta stick it to those greedy rich conservatives, but hey, not the Hollywood liberals!]
Somehow, all this sounds like some of the things being promoted by the progressive elites in our own government today.

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