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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If You Want to See the Face of Obamacare, Look at the UK

Mom Dies Of Cervical Cancer After Doctors Tell Her She's Too Young For Pap

And when you look at this young woman consider as well the Democrats' war on women. Yes, there is definitely a war on women in this country and it's generals are Democrats who will gladly offer women abortions to solve a problem of [unplanned pregnancy, poverty, lack of education, wanting to fit into a bikini, ........ fill in the blank]. But the primary problem from the male point of view (think of serial womanizers Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Anthony Weiner) is the baby complication! It's no wonder they love abortion. Like the misogynists they are, they want their women always available and recyclable. Give 'em free chemical birth control drugs, primary carcinogens that have a long list of contraindications and a growing list of young women who die from taking them. And if the drugs fail, abortion is always there for a backup to rip up and dispose of the little complication.

Yes, Democrats are good at eliminating evidence whether it's files run through the paper shredder, bludgeoned computer hard drives, or babies shredded in the abortion mill. They not only own the war on women; they invented it!

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