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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Confusion is a SIgn of Satan!

When the teachings of the Church are deliberately muddled, it is a sign of the "smoke of Satan." St. Francis of Assisi deliberately confuses and the "smoke of Satan" there is enough to smother the consciences of those who enter and are foolish enough to inhale what they're peddling!


Anonymous said...

A BIG thanks to Pope Francis for helping to sew these seeds of misconception concerning Catholic Doctrine.

Terry Nelson said...

I posted a link to the Voris report as well. I think he nailed it again. You too.

People really should have read "The Homosexual Network" to understand the type of double speak we are witnessing today.

Yaya said...

I do not support the notion that Pope Francis "sows seeds of misconception" I mean, gee, we can't leave our ability to educate ourselves to the Catholic Hierarchy, can we? We are responsible to read in the CCC what the Church teaches on homosexuality. If Pope Francis promotes anything, it is to be charitable by praying for one another and to hope for the conversion and salvation of all.

I rarely watch Mr. Voris but I do agree with this particular video of his. The first person interviewed, the homosexual man, well, he clearly demonstrates how dangerous and misleading one can be when truly ignorant of what the Church truly teaches.

Of course, it helps not when members of the Church are misleading others to think that way as well.

But in the end, we all will answer to the Lord of Truth.

Terry Nelson said...

I agree Yaya - the Holy Father is not sowing seeds of misconception - those who use his words to further their agenda are the ones spreading error.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I think Pope Francis is sometimes confusing and I find that problematic. But I also think some of what is called confusing isn't. I didn't find anything revolutionary in Evangelii Gaudium. I read it because of the commotion and decided to do a blog page to express my own reading of it which was positive. We live in trying times when many people (and lobby grops) spin their own narrative out of everything. We need to examine what we are told to see if it conforms to the truth.