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Monday, July 21, 2014

Okay, Nancy and Michelle, How Many Immigrant Kids are you Taking In?

A Modest Proposal Proposal for Housing Illegal Immigrants

And here's how immigrant-welcoming hypocrite Maryland governor reacted to the idea the feds might send kids to his state:
Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley has rolled out the welcome mat to any and all who manage to break the law and enter the United States illegally. He has even sharply rebuked the Obama administration for suggesting that maybe, perhaps, probably, sort of, the United States should shorten waits for deportation hearings. 
It gave Mr. O'Malley — a presidential contender in 2016 if he can get to the left of Hillary Clinton and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren — an opening to appear compassionate. Of course, the cost of any surge of illegal immigrants into Maryland will be borne by Maryland and federal taxpayers, not by Mr. O'Malley, unless he agrees to house them at his own place and with his own money. [Fat chance!]
There is the little matter of Mr. O'Malley’s secret request to White House domestic policy adviser Cecilia Munoz not to house illegal immigrants at a former Army Reserve Center in Westminster. How embarrassing that this got out. He has since explained that it was only because the people in that community might not be thrilled with the idea, and may harass the children or “worse.”... [This is what liars do when they get caught with their pants down -- blame their constituents! Of course, the people of his state are nothing but worthless bigots! I wonder how many of those people who would "harass" immigrants or "worse" will vote for the next Democrat on the ballot.
Meanwhile, thousands of desperate children from Central America are heading north, risking life and limb, lured by the pied piper’s song of amnesty that Mr. Obama has been playing so recklessly. Mr. Obama directly caused this humanitarian crisis and the existential threat to a self-governing America posed by unlimited illegal immigration. Someone should do something about it.
And, by the way, how many illegal immigrant children will be going to Sidwell Friends with the Obama daughters? How 'bout putting up a few dozen at the White House! Michelle has enough staff to handle it and they can put them to work in the White House garden picking cotton (oops...picking arugula) or put them in caps and aprons to serve as domestic help.

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