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Monday, July 7, 2014

Abolish Child Trafficking: Close the U.S. Borders!

Child Trafficking and the Political Left's Silence

These children are unaccompanied. The left encourages parents to send their children with coyotes, gangs, and the drug cartels. Where do these children go once they arrive in the U.S. Some sources say the "family groups" are anything but -- that people claim to be families and then go their own ways once they are dropped in the interior of the country. So what exactly is going on with these kids? Are they modern indentured servants or worse when they find a "home?" Who's following up? How many will end up dead like the kids who disappear in foreign countries? Will some be sold into sex slavery?

Who knows? Let's ask the U.S. bishops who are so gung-ho on amnesty and the invasion on the border. Does anyone really care about these kids?

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DisturbedMary said...

How about asking Catholic Charities? Hey Father Larry, you have a contract at the welcome camps (all are welcome you know). What is going on? Congressmen can't get in to talk to the illegals; doctors are sworn to secrecy. Hey Father Larry, what is going on?