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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Flee the Ear Ticklers! Repent and Reform Your Lives!

More from St. Francis of Assisi in Manhattan:

A lot of people really have a hate-on for Michael Voris. But it takes courage to go out and actually enter the belly of the beast and talk to folks who vehemently disagree with you. Like the sidewalk counselors at abortion mills who try to save lives and souls from the abortionist/gods of human sacrifice, men (and I do mean men) like Michael Voris have the courage and love of souls to speak the truth in charity.

If you go to a doctor to treat an illness, you want him to respect you enough to give you the hard truth. You want to know how to fight the disease aggressively.

If you have a disease of the soul you need a spiritual doctor who will tell you the hard truth and help you cut out the spiritual cancer that's killing your soul. Parents who affirm their children in sin because they don't want to face their wrath or rejection DO NOT LOVE THEIR CHILDREN.  They love themselves -- so much so that they would rather see their children in hell than feel their rage.

Spiritual fathers (like many of our bishops) lack the courage to tell the truth. They would rather tickle ears to win praise and acceptance from the world rather than be ridiculed and condemned. Who do they love? Surely not the sheep. If they loved the sheep, they would defend them from the wolves. They love themselves.

Michael Voris is a modern-day prophet walking in the steps of those sent by God to warn the people of Israel to return to the way of the Lord, the way prepared by the precursor of Christ. As St. John the Baptist "crying in the wilderness" said, "Reform your lives! The reign of God is at hand." Not a single soul in unrepented mortal sin will enter heaven. Don't let yourself or your loved ones be in that unhappy company on Judgment Day.

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Terry Nelson said...

He's absolutely right. He is telling the truth. The interviews are amazing - not one person said they accept Church teaching.

Priests have told me what Michael is saying - it is apostasy.

God bless Michael Voris.