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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Trouble in Obama's Paradise

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Now shouldn't Chicago be heaven on earth? After all, community organizer Obama was there a few decades ago agitating for Utopia. And his clone, Rahm Emanuel is the mayor. So things must be A-okay. On the other hand, 4th of July weekend saw a rash of violence and most of the victims were black or Hispanic. Emanuel is in trouble according to the Washington Post.

So what are the Feds doing to help Chicago? Sending them hundreds of illegal immigrant children. Does anyone not see something bizarre about claiming we must allow the deluge of unaccompanied children into the U.S. because their countries of origin are "violent" and then sending them to Chicago? We are living in the land of Oz with a little pretender behind the curtain using his teleprompter and pretty soon there will be no country to go home to!

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DisturbedMary said...

Remember the expression: Great minds think alike.

Just yesterday I posted a comment to Cardinal Dolan's latest blog where he shares his feelings over the response to the border breakdown.

Today you post the Oz video. I'll post my comments here because I don't think they will be published on the Cardinal's blog:

The Catholic Church will break in two over this.

Your wholehearted partnership with the Government, i.e., the Masters of this Border Deceit, is unsettling. This is after all the most anti-life and anti-Catholic Government in our nation’s history. There is no great and wonderful OZ behind the DC curtain. Only lies and the advance of darkness.

I think of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. How must he have felt as he watched his beloved Church fall into wicked cooperation with the State.

Our Church has become the Patriotic Catholic Church in America. As one of your smelly American sheep, I cry in despair and anger: Spare me sermons about unity , hardheartedness and lack of charity. Spare me from hearing the word “welcome” again from men in the pulpit with scales on their eyes. Spare me orchestrated photos of Masses on the border with hands reaching through the security fence. Spare me pictures of our clergy praying with the political elites. Spare me your scolding language. Spare me your inattention to your citizen sheep.
Let those bishops who would be missionaries, go to the foreign places and serve the poor as the Church has traditionally done.
Spare us all of it before we lose our minds and our faith.