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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Veterans Administration Puts Sex Change Patients at the Front of the Line

If the VA scandal weren't bad enough, read the article below and see exactly how the Obama administration treats those with REAL medical problems vs. those who want to change their s.e.x. Vets are dying waiting for treatment while men who want to look and sound and feel like women get seen and trreated. If it doesn't make you mad, why not?

SECRET TO SURVIVING OBAMA'S VA: S-E-X A bit from the article:
“My dad has believed his whole life that he is really a woman,” said Kori Peterson. “He currently has appointments for a rhinoplasty (a nose job) and a vocal cord surgery, all provided by the VA. Now my understanding is that the VA doesn’t do the gender reassignment surgery … so he has an appointment with a surgeon … through Medicare on July 1 to talk about his genital reassignment surgery.” 
“The priorities are a little off here,” said Peterson. “You’ve got these guys who have been on waiting lists forever and so many of them losing their lives as they wait perpetually. And then you have, it seems, like these things that should not be prioritized are being prioritized over life and death situations.” 
Taxpayers apparently will foot the bill one way or the other – either through the Veterans Administration, or through Medicare. 
“The Transgendered Identity Disorder diagnosis is a new thing, but my dad has been getting his hormone replacement (from the Veterans Administration) … since his diagnosis,” remarked Peterson.
Want security at the VA? Here's the prescription:

Sexting and Drunk Driving Lead to Job Security at VA

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