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Monday, July 21, 2014

Pope Francis Seems Serious about Rooting Out the Sex Abusers!

He's sending an investigative team to check out Carlos Urrutigoity.

Now if only he'd work on the other end by keeping out the homosexuals in the first place!

Homosexuals have no place in the priesthood. Men who are attracted to men should not put themselves in a source of continuous temptation. Their disordered sexual drive makes them a danger to young boys and men. If they rise to positions of power in the Church, they have the further temptation to use that power to gain sexual favors by bribery and intimidation. Hey, that's not speculation, we have a number of examples of both heterosexual and homosexual bishops. But most of the abuse was homosexual in nature (more than 70% according to the John Jay Report).

Pope Francis promises accountability. Let's pray he won't be stonewalled and will clean out the nest of vipers in the Church hierarchy.

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