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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thank a Vet! And Thanks to Food City for this Tender Moment.

My dad was a World War II vet. One of my sons-in-law is a Marine (inactive). I have a nephew who was in Desert Storm and several others who also served in harm's way.

I remember the disgraceful actions of the "flower children" and the contempt they showered on our poor soldiers returning from VietNam calling them "baby killers" and worse. (I wonder how many of them aborted children conceived in a drug stupor!) Even today that contemptible attitude continues as a military fiance with a bumper sticker that reads, "I (heart) my soldier" learned.

If you aren't praying for our men and women in uniform every day, I hope you'll start - at least one Hail Mary. They don't choose the wars. If anybody wants to spew hate and venom, let them direct it where it belongs -- at the White House and at politicians who treat our military men and women like cannon fodder for their war games and then deny them health care and other services they earned when they return broken and battle scarred.

The suicide rate among our vets is shocking. We need to pray, say thank-you, and consider other ways we can help these suffering men and women.

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