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Monday, July 14, 2014

A Homily on Catechesis and Critique of YouCat by FSSP Priest

It's interesting that this priest requested that his name be withheld when the homily was put online. Wonder why? In view of what happened to Fr. Justin Wylie, I think he's prudent. As you listen to the homily think about his comments on the heretical Dutch catechism published in 1969. No one involved in that scandalous, heretical work was disciplined or fired or prevented from saying Mass. But Fr. Wylie who preached a politically incorrect sermon is banned from saying public Mass in NYC, one more outrageous act from the Cardinal of New York. But back to the issue at hand, bad catechisms.

Here's the email I received from a priest friend:
Priest is FSSP. (he's not kind to the YouCat - I found more passages than he cites that were vague and misleading in it, esp. on sins against the 6th/9th Commandments, against which our youth struggle the most today and on which they most need clarity, "YouCat" doesn't IMO give it.


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