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Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Media Will Use Any Switch to Beat This Dead Horse!

Pass this on and expose the deplorable behavior of the mainstream media. Nothing they say can be believed! And expect their deciet to go on for the next four years. Does anyone think they want a successful Trump presidency? Or will they do everything they can day in and day out to make sure he doesn't win again in 2020. Liberalism isn't about the good of the people. It's a philosophy of destruction. These are the enemies of America. Pray for them and expose them for what they are.


elpine flower said...

We remembered the news feed of Muslims celebrating 9/11 in Jersey City and elsewhere including a woman whose apartment looked down on a rooftop garage in Teaneck. People complaining when they went to gas stations where Arab workers were employed who were cheering, happy that the Towers were going down................This was all on the news in NJ that sad day in September as we all sat glued to the screen.

elpine flower said...

Yet another lie about Trump. this one was from Hillary and the MSM picked up on it.
Hillary Bill and Obama featured in Isis recruitment video, NOT Trump.