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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Guest Post: David Martin's Open Letter to President Trump on his Visit to the Vatican

May God anoint this meeting and bring blessings for the
common good of all people. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.
Editor's Note:

Pope Francis will meet with President Trump on May 24th. Let us all pray that God's will be done as this meeting takes place.

According to Reuters, the pope promises to "be sincere" about their differences on subjects like immigration and climate change. Will he also be sincere about their agreement on subjects like religious freedom and abortion?

Mr. President:

If part of your objective in meeting with the pope next week is to diplomatically establish common ground in such a way that he will appreciate your immigration policy and see you as an advocate of world peace, express your appreciation of how the Catholic Church from the very beginning has always built a wall against moral corruption and built its bridge to Almighty God. Point out how this has always proved to be the path to true peace and how you are simply applying this in a political way. Thereby you will show respect for the Church he heads while providing a little nudge for him to stick to tradition from which he has been dissenting.

If it comes to it that he questions your policy, emphasize that you stand with the Church on this point, and that it is he who is diverging from his past. Point out how the Church from the first century has always guarded what is sacred, i.e. its altar, the Holy Sacrament, its teachings, its practices, and how this has always wrought the peace and well-being of all people, both within and without the Church.

Drive the point home that you likewise hold dear our Christian-American heritage, and that you, as the appointed leader of America, have a grave obligation to guard the serenity of this great nation against the brutality of U.N. driven barbarians, i.e. ISIS, Mexican drug cartels, that seek to plunder America and turn it into war-zone for their own gratification. Stress that for the good of all, you will continue to build a wall against this abuse while benevolently opening your doors to those who respect America, just as the Church has always locked its doors against Satan while bringing in only those who are humble and contrite.

The Catholic Church is not a global entity, but a spiritual one in keeping with Christ's words, "My Kingdom is not of this world." (John 18:36) As such, the pope should not be assisting U.N. globalists in their quest to subjugate the Church to a borderless one-world government run by an internationalist elite. It is hoped that your steadfastness in guarding what is treasured will provide a lesson or two for him, while at the same time eliciting his blessing.

Godspeed, and may the Queen of Heaven guide you in your journey!

David Martin


  1. What a great letter! I hope that he'll read it and meditate on its contents. Regarding this visit I could not believe what I read regarding his visit:
    "Pope Francis says he won’t “proselytize” during his meeting with Trump next week, but one Vatican bishop insists the pope will indeed convert him on one thing: climate change.

    Bishop Marcelo S├ínchez Sorondo, the influential and controversial chancellor of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academies of Science and Social Sciences, made the claim in an interview published Monday by ANSA.

    "They will come to an agreement, since the president claims to be a Christian, and so he will listen to him,” Sorondo said.

    THE POPE WILL CONVERT TRUMP IN CLIMATE CHANGE????????????????????And what about the real mission of the Church to save souls???? If one does not believe that 'climate change' is a threat, do we stop being Christians???
    Sad reality we are witnessing!

  2. isn't it sad that we have to urge our president to stand firm against the wiles of the pope? Ten years ago we might have written such a letter with their roles reversed.

  3. This letter to President Trump is scandalous, to say the least!!! Seeking help from Washington, a Secular heretical State, to ‘correct’ the Vicar of Christ???
    How is it possible, that Catholics have become so blind (this is not the only letter that was written), that they seek help (in flattery, that Our Lord Jesus Christ despised!), from enemy of Jesus Christ and His Church! This blindness of so many ‘Catholics’ is unmistakably symptom of apostasy within the holy Church....the loss of graces. One might also ask, in fear and trembling, how many more insults to the See of Peter, will God tolerate before unleashing His divine and overpowering wrath?

    How can a country be blessed, that supports the senseless and unjust wars using our tax money; the big-profit abortion, pornography, defense, feminist, pharmaceutical, homosexual, environmental, holocaust and human trafficking industries; astronomical debt, out-of-control inflation and the ever suffocating cost of living and debauchery of our currency; skyrocketing crime; a decadent sub-culture that has surfaced as legitimate and mainstream; the steadily plunging quality of education and the public/parochial school corruption and mind-manipulation of our youth; the disease-laden chemicalization of our food, obesity, depression, mental diseases, suicide, and dependency on foreign imports........a State that does not recognize the Rights of God, the cult of ‘liberty’ that says ‘non servium!’ (I will not serve!) This describes an image of a sick nation (nations)! Miserere!

    Patriotism is a virtue, Americanism a heresy. The gifted spiritual writer, Father Frederick Faber, said that ‘where there is no hatred of heresy there is no holiness’ (my emphasis; where there is no holiness, there is no fear of God!).

    The far-sighted Hilaire Belloc: ‘the culture of the United States is, from its original religion and by its momentum and whole tradition, opposed to the Catholic Church.’ (Catholic World, Sept. 1924)

    Perhaps the most authoritative source in proving that the U.S. was never a Christian country, is a government document that dates back to the end of the 18th century. “The U.S. Treaty with Tripoli of 1796 plainly states in its Article XI: “The Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.”

    Pope Gregory XVI referred to the religious indifferentism as ‘the most pernicious plague which can ravage nations’ (Mirari vos).

    America was a gift of God.....a Catholic America!.... 128 years earlier (1492, when Columbus claimed the Americas for Christ the King), before the Protestant Pilgrims first landed at Plymouth Rock (1620).
    The story of The United States is essentially a Catholic one:
    ‘Utopia’ by Solange Hertz
    ‘Discovering a Lost Heritage – The Catholic Origins of America’ by Adam S. Miller

    Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for the conversion of America!
    Jesu Maria Joseph I love You, save souls!

  4. .....excerpts from an article ‘Please, Don’t Call Protestants Christians’

    Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

    It is very common today to hear Catholics call a Protestant “a Christian,” or even, “a good Christian.” In the United States, it was already a practice before Vatican II because of the tendency of American Catholics to accommodate Protestantism, whose tonus dominated the social and business spheres. Then, there was the question of adaptation as prominent Protestants joined the Catholic faith, or Catholics entered into marriages with Protestants. It was just easier to call everyone “Christian.” Supposedly it underplayed differences. It was meant to create the impression that Catholics and Protestants were cousins in one big, happy family. Pope Leo XIII condemned this tolerance toward Protestantism under the name of Americanism, the heresy of Americanism, to be more precise.

    After Vatican II, needless to say, the practice of calling Protestants Christians has snowballed, with the official conciliar documents assuming this same impropriety. Hence, the Holy See, Prelates and priests have made its use as widespread as possible. Accommodation to Protestantism in our days has reached such a point that some Catholics, to distinguish between Catholics and their Protestant “separated brethren,” call themselves Catholic Christians. A redundancy if I've ever heard one. Only Catholics can be true Christians. No one who dissents from the Roman Catholic Church can be a Christian. The terms are synonymous.

    Every time I hear the term Christian used for Protestants, I cringe. Its usage clearly nourishes a trend toward a dangerous religious indifferentism, which denies the duty of man to worship God by believing and practicing the one true Catholic Religion. It is an implicit admission that those who deny the one Faith can nonetheless be Christians, that is, be in the Church of Christ. Inherently it leads to the progressivist notion that men can be saved in any religion that accepts Christ as Savior. A “good Lutheran,” a “good Anglican,” a “good Presbyterian – what does it matter so long as they are good people and sincerely love Christ?

    Regardless of who is applying this usage today, I want to stress that it is at variance with the entire tradition of the Catholic Church until the Council. To consider heretics as Christians is not the teaching of the Church.

    Before Vatican II, the Magisterium was always very clear: It is not a matter of an individual’s character or traits. No one can be in the Church of Christ without professing the ensemble of the truths of Catholic Faith, being in unity with the Chair of Peter and receiving the same Seven Sacraments. The only Christian is one who accepts Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Church he established. Who can have God for Father and not accept the Church for Mother? (Pope Pius IX, Singulari quidem of March 17, 1856) Who can accept the spouse Christ, and not his mystical bride the Church? Who can separate the Head, the only begotten Son of God, from the body, which is His Church? (Pope Leo XIII, Satis cognitum of June 29, 1896). It is not possible.

    In short, only those who profess the one Catholic Faith and are united with the Mystical Body of Christ are members of the Church of Christ. And only those members can legitimately bear the title of honor of Christian.

    The Protestant sect started as a revolt, protesting the Church of Christ and, pretending to accept Christ without Peter, the authority He established on earth. With this split, they left the Church and became heretics. This used to be clearly said and understood, without sentimental fear of offending one’s neighbors or relatives: A Protestant is a heretic because he severed himself from the Body of the Church. He is not a Christian, and certainly not a “good Christian.”

  5. Re: OjczeNazc3 - On the contrary, it is Pope Francis who needs to be corrected about his dissent from Catholicism, and if we have to use the president to do it, so be it.

    The statement you quote rings so true: "Where there is no hatred of heresy there is no holiness."

    Francis is swimming in heresy and making it the focal point of his pontificate. It's now OK to give Communion to adulterers? Homosexuality is not a sin?" There is no eternal punishment in hell? Jesus really didn't multiply the loaves? Jews don't need conversion to Christianity? The Church is not supposed to convert other religions? All religions should be one? Muslims adore the one true God? The Charismatic "renewal" is the work of the Holy Spirit?

    Amen, we have a grave obligation as Catholics to protect the President from scandals being promoted in the name of the Church, for which reason we contacted him and told him to NOT read the "Laudato Si encyclical that Francis gave him, on the grounds that this was an insidious attempt to break his good resolution to build a wall against corruption. The pope and his advisors are trying to make him global friendly, which is morally wrong. Francis means well, but is very misled, even to the point of letting abortionists, i.e. Paul Ehrlich, Ban Ki moon, use his Vatican as a platform to lecture his Church about the need for population control.


  6. @Anonymous....
    + On the contrary, it is Pope Francis who needs to be corrected about his dissent from Catholicism, and if we have to use the president to do it, so be it.....

    ......If that was only possible! How can a man who is in error, very blind to His Truth...correct a Vicar of Christ? Any man (be he a king, a president), who willfully rejects His Truth, and His Church at the moment of his death, will be judged by the Divine Judge accordingly, and so will each one of us......Heaven or Hell!
    We, have a grave obligation as Catholics not to spread scandals, especially. We, should be offering ‘reparation,’ in front of the Blessed Sacrament on their knees, and Rosaries for the Vicar of Christ......for the Glory of God, for the good of the Holy Church, for the good of saving souls, especially, our own!
    ...For years our culture has denied that tobacco causes cancer, that birth control+ abortion+ vaccines cause cancer+ autism.....etc., a refusal of acknowledgment that has caused tragic consequences for MANY!
    ...excerpts from “Cor Jesu Sacratissimum” by Roger Buck.
    “Denial of global warming comes naturally from a capitalist culture.....a world addicted to consumer gratification, avoiding warnings regarding climate change, rather then confront our addictions. Ecological degradation exist everywhere.....oceans are polluted, forests are dying, bee colonies collapse, but perhaps most terrifying of all, changes in the climate endanger countless species and, before long perhaps....human beings as well. The addiction of scientific verification causes our’s clear to those who have eyes to SEE, and ears to HEAR!
    Pope Benedict XVI (Emeritus now), when asked about climate change, noted that even widespread general recognition of the crisis seemed insufficient to inspire collective concrete action. Something else is needed, suggesting that the only hope may lie with the Church:
    ‘In view of ‘the threatening catastrophe’ there is recognition everywhere that we must make moral decisions....But the conversion of this into political will and political actions is rendered largely impossible by ‘the lack of willingness to do without’......It becomes clear that the political will ultimately cannot become effective unless there is in all mankind – especially on the part of the chief supporters of development and progress – a new deeper moral awareness, a willingness to without....Who therefore, can ensure that this general awareness also penetrates the personal sphere? This can only be done by an authority that touches the conscience, that is close to the individual and does not merely call for eye-catching events. In that respect, this a challenge for the Church. She not only has a major responsibility; she is, I would say, often the only hope!!!”