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Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Genie is Out of the Bottle. Will Pope Francis Resign Next?

Benedict set a precedent that let the genie out of the bottle. Will papal resignation become the rule rather than the exception?

Hilary White, the Rome reporter for LifeSiteNews, has a chilling article at The Remnant predicting that the Vatican manipulators have exhausted the usefulness of Pope Francis and will move next for a Parolin conclave following another resignation. Here's just a bit of her assessment:

Bergoglio himself has been recorded saying that he thought his pontificate would last about 4 years. And here we are. We know that certain people put him in place for certain reasons. He was to accomplish some very particular tasks and I think he has done so. I think overall, his job was to complete the demolition project of the radical revolutionaries of the Vaticantwoist project; that is, the total reconstruction of the Catholic Church along the lines of their vision.
He was to be the wrecking ball applied to the institutional structures, the machine to take down the power of the Curia, who most especially broke the power of the Vatican’s old guard power brokers, like Sodano and Bertone, names we never hear now. He was to align the Church with the secularist globalists of the George Soros kind, and put all or nearly all of the control of the money into the hands of the Germans and their bankers.

He was to wipe out the vestiges of the John Paul II/Benedict appointments in the Curia and in major and strategically important sees around the world (pop quiz: what do the dioceses of Chicago and Tulsa have in common?) appoint the right kind of Nuncios so that the national bishops’ conferences – that had begun to backslide under the last two popes – could be brought back into line. Last of all, he was to ensure the succession by, on the one hand appointing the right kind of man to the College of Cardinals and on the other isolating, terrorizing and demoralizing the remnants of the Ratzingerian “conservatives”.

Broadly, he was to sever the connection of the Church’s power structures to her doctrines, most especially the doctrines that the secular world finds most objectionable; that is, on sex and marriage. He was to complete the desacralization of the Church as an institution and remove the last obstacles for a functioning union between Catholicism, “liberal” factions in other Christian confessions and other religions and the globalist, transnationalist elites in Brussels and New York. 
Is Parolin the surgeon to finish off the patient?
All of these things he has accomplished, and the time has come for the Revolution to move on to the next phase. Whatever Francis himself had planned next - and I am still hearing talk of a “Big Thing” in the works – probably isn’t on the agenda. (The shape of which is perhaps starting to be revealed. cf: Marco Tossati's piece today on the appointment of a “commission” to “reexamine” Humanae Vitae. If this is true, and there’s no reason to doubt it, I’m sure the commission’s work will be encouraged to flourish no matter who’s on the throne.) 
What I believe is that now that the Wrecking Ball has done his work, we will next have the Surgeon.
Ah...but the resistance is alive and well and continues to defend the faith -- David against Goliath. We are without a doubt in for rocky times ahead. Are you going to Mass as often as possible and praying your rosary daily? Add sacrifice to drive out the demons and never lose heart. God wins! Read the article and let it be a clarion call that spurs you to action.

Our Lady, Queen of the Church, pray for us.


  1. Why don't you link to the Remnant article?

  2. I can't find the article either...

  3. It's on their blog. Here it is.

  4. Thanks Susan, I usually do link to the articles. I just forgot. It's linked now.

  5. I am 66 years of age and a born practising catholic .
    In my lifetime I have not seen before such tawdry conduct in the current bizarre hybrid ratzinger /bergoglio papacy.
    I have no trust what soever in the latter and little respect for the former who is probably the only valid pope.
    The prophesy made by Melanie of the Cross, of two servile worm eaten popes sounds more true with each day that passes.
    Does it really matter what either of these two disgraceful men do?
    The sooner both are gone from any position of influence or authority in the catholic church the healthier it will be.