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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Make America Great With Islam

Las Vegas Muslims troll
President Trump's campaign slogan
These people are not fooling around. Islam means business today just as it did when Muhammad was alive 1400 years ago. Read the May 16th story from Winds of Jihad HERE first, then I will give you a lesson from the dusty pages of history books from a time long ago - 1930 - before political correctness, the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), and immigration as a trade off for the privilege of buying Saudi oil.

*Our lesson begins right after the death of Muhammad:

"The Caliphs continued the efforts for the spread of Islam which Mohammed had initiated. Soon after 650, Armenia was taken, and the victorious armies of Islam pushed on to Turkestan and India. In Asia Minor the armies of the Greek emperor successfully resisted the invaders. Blocked in their advance on Europe from the east, the Saracens sought to gain entrance from the south. [But now Europe has opened up its eastern front by allowing mass immigration of millions of Muslims through Asia minor.] From Egypt they extended their conquests along the north coast of Africa. Marmarica, Cyrenacia, Carthage, Numidia, and Mauretania were overrun, and in 700 the last Christian stronghold, Ceuta, on the Strait of Gibraltar, fell. From here a mixed horde of Arabs and Moors crossed over into Spain, and in the memorable battle of Jeres de la Fontera (711) put an end to the Gothic kingdom which had endured for three centuries. The remnants of the Goths fled into the fastnesses of the Asturias, from which the Saracens strove in vain to dislodge them.

Orlando sign to make America great through Islam
"When they had completed their conquest of Spain, the Saracens determined to extend their sway over the neighboring country of the Franks. Crossing the Pyrenees, they soon succeeded in making themselves masters of southern France and in 731 encamped on the banks of the Loire. Here they encountered "a lion in the path" in the person of Charles Martel. Charles' signal victory over the arrogant invaders proved to be the turning point in the Moslem career of conquest. [France committed hari kari last week by electing the pro-Moslem Emmanuel Macron, 39, who is married to a 64 year old woman.]  The question of whether the Crescent or the Cross, Mohammed or Christ, should rule Europe and the western world was decided forever on the bloody field of Tours. [Not "forever" but just until the past few years when Europe went multi-cultural and opened the gates to a flood of "culture enrichers."] Mohammedanism, however, retained the greater part of its conquests, and continued to be the most threatening and dreaded enemy of Christendom.

"The losses suffered by the Church through the Mohammedan conquests were great and far-reaching in their results. Countries which had belonged to her for centuries, in fact the oldest centers of Christianity - Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, Carthage - were torn away from her, and the way to their reconquest barred, as it seemed, for all time.

"As a rule the political subjugation of a nation meant its Islamization. The conquered nations were not indeed, as is popularly believed, given their choice between the Koran and the sword, but their conquerors ruled them with such an iron hand and levied such high taxes upon them that multitudes in every land sought a remedy for their ills by professing the faith which secured for them equality [except for women] with their oppressors. The apostasy was, however, by no means universal. In the face of the direst persecution millions of Christians held fast to their faith with heroic loyalty.

"The rapid expansion of Islam was due in great measure to its appeal to the uncivilized, the poor and the ignorant. It requires blind faith, presents no difficult problems to the intellect, and satisfies the natural religious instincts without forbidding the gratification of the baser passions. For the pagans of Arabia and Africa Islam proved a boon, for it 'corrected many abuses, admitted every class to its ranks, enforced religious equality, and preached truths of Monotheism, Revelation, and Eternal Life.'

Black is too hot to wear in Florida!
"No Christian nations submitted peacefully to its yoke. The Persians, the only brave cultured race that went over to Islam in a body, were not Christians, and they were the first to attempt to put a more deeply religious content into the crude system of Mohammed."

The "Make America Great with Love, Compassion and Mercy" campaign of Islam wants American to know that Muslim Americans "work hard to help their communities" and are "active in the political process" of our nation. Reading between the lines, that means Sharia law for America. Scroll down in THIS ARTICLE to see the 31 planned billboards. Twenty-five of the 31 billboards are in Florida. Lucky me.

* Excerpts from Church History by Fr John Laux, M.A.

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  1. Mohammed was a child molester when he "married" and consummated the "marriage" to Aisha when she was nine or ten, and he over fifty. He had a one track mind, all below the belt. Even his idea of paradise was a bordello. What decent person would not run away from a "religion" like that.