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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Teaching Islam to American Christian Children - Part I

Your child's school? Your child?


Christians bowing down to Islam

"What can we say about the silence of two and a half billion Christians indifferent to the suppression of their own history? Is this not deliberate cultural suicide?

"What is happening is a well programmed political policy which implies an ideology, planning, goals and responsibilities. It's called the Great Replacement and it seeks to integrate Christian-Muslim civilizations (which ultimately ends with Islam being dominant in all areas therefore, in the end, the dhimmitude of the West) hence the affirmation that Islam is a religion of peace, open-borders immigration and the mixing of populations.

"Massive immigration into the West imposed by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) conforms to jihadist doctrine. It never occurs to the West that roots run deep, that people don't want to renounce their heritage, that Islam has always been inherently bloodthirsty, that rivers really would run with blood and that their dream of a multicultural society with Islam would mean Muslims having households of sex slaves and that it all would all end in a hetacomb of charred flesh."

But never mind all that! Look at the silly women in the above picture smiling as our Christian children are taught to worship Allah, the Islamic god of beheading infidels. We are not to worry because Islam is a peaceful religion and all Muslims are nice and to think that there are some bad Muslims is to be racist.

The teachers in the picture don't have Islam down to a science yet. In real Islam women are separated from men at the mosque since men and women are not to mix together there or anywhere else. Therefore the teachers are in error - the girls should be separated from the boys and placed in another room of their own to pray. The girls also should be dressed in black burkas or at the very least be wearing hijabs.

Have the girls had their genitals slivered off with a razor, then sewn up so that nothing is left but a small hole for urine and menstruation only to be opened up when they get married and opened further when they have a child? No, these are Christian girls so their genitals are safe at the moment, at least until Islam rules the West.

The answers to 2b and 3b are wrong.

2b - Muhammad's "Gabriel" was not sent by God
and he was not the same St Gabriel the Archangel who
appeared to the Blessed Mother at the Annunciation.

3b - Allah is not the same God worshiped by Christians 

and Jews.
Have the boys killed an infidel lately? Child soldiers younger than the boys pictured are commonplace with ISIS. Many ISIS boy soldiers have been kidnapped from their Christian families and taught to kill other Christians. Have the boys in this class participated in an honor killing of their sisters?

The ignorant liberal silly women teachers are instructing these obviously Christian children to be tolerant, however in real life what would happen to the one woman standing, leaning up against the wall? 

I will tell you the answer. One of the other women - perhaps out of anger or jealousy - would slip out of the prayer room and tell a group of men that there was a woman not honoring Allah. The woman would be mobbed by the group of Islamic men, dragged into the street, beaten and shot for being disrespectful to Allah by not bowing down to him. This is not an exaggeration.

Remember that when Muslims state that Islam is a religion of
peace what they mean is that once the entire globe is an Islamic Caliphate under Sharia law, there will finally be peace on earth.

To be continued with an analysis of pages 534-567 from Florida's middle school (6th grade) My World History textbook...


  1. This is such a sad and tragic situation, but in my view the worse thing is that our Church and some of her leaders continue to talk about 'dialogue'..... The muslims are not interested in 'dialog'; they want to 'conquer the West' and so many are blind to this truth. So many great and knowledgeable theologians are putting this in writing but they are ignored. May Our Lady of Fatima open the eyes of everyone, but especially of our Church leaders.

  2. Teaching Islam in the schools seems an obvious violation of the so-called "separation of Church and State" -- so how come Islam gets a pass? That's question one.

    Clearly Islam is not a true religion, at least not a religion of the book since its practice and teaching contradicts the bible almost everywhere.

    The reality of Islam is of a minimalist religion tied to a barbarian and violent doctrine of universal conquest. It has been practiced consistently that way for 1400 years and there is no reason whatsoever to expect it to change.

    If you don't want your children and grandchildren to be suppressed and enslaved by Islam it is time to call it out for what it is and get it out of the country. Let them enslave each other somewhere else.

  3. The reality of Islam is that it is THE religion of the devil since God certainly did not send the Archangel Gabriel back to earth 600 years after the death of Jesus Christ to establish a new religion with Muhammad. Muhammad's Gabriel was the devil appearing as Gabriel. Muhammad himself said - and it is in the Quran - that he thought he had seen a jinn, which means demon in Arabic.

    Would God have sent Gabriel to Muhammad to start a new religion because Christianity was not working out? No. Christianity was spreading like wildfire at the time so the devil had to think of something to earn souls for his own kingdom. He used Muhammad to spread a religion about himself (Satan) to rid the earth of Jews and rid the earth of Christianity and Judaism...and the worship of the One True God through the One True Religion.

    Please read the links toward the end of the article for more background (the links work now...I just fixed them).