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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Music That Kills the Soul

More mementoes from the "Religion of Peace"
The website for Gatestone Institute posted a story today about the tragedy in Manchester England I think is worth reading.  It mentions the fact Muslims hate the "music of the west."  Here is the link to that story.

I am a free market capitalist.  I don't believe in censoring literature and music except in extreme cases such as public defilement of religious icons for the sake of sensationalism.  Other than that, I think the consumer should be free to enhance or destroy his life as he chooses.  If you want to fill you head with mushy erotic novels instead of history and philosophy and religion, you have the free will that allows you to do that and a government that makes it possible.  If you want to listen to discordant filth set in motion with vulgar costumes and dancing, that too is your choice. 

I would say, it is a morally bad choice, but when society bans certain things it often makes them that much more desirable.  We should all, and especially as parents, investigate to the extent possible what we and our children are watching and listening to however and stay away from that we can easily identify as sinful. 

When I began to hear the stories coming out of England about how many children were at this concert, innocent, precious little kids, just out for an evening of fun with parent chaperones in many cases, some being as young as eight years old, I began to wonder "who is this pop artist?" and "what is it about her style of music young people find so attractive?"  Ariana Grande is 24 years old and has been singing and acting since she herself was eight years old. 

I won't put any links to the words to her songs on this blog nor will I link to any clips of her music videos here because they are so filthy and disgusting they don't belong here, but you can easily find them with a quick search.  Her voice is very beautiful, I must say.  She is easy to listen to compared to other stars today, but it makes me want to puke to think little kids idolize her and their parents are on board with letting them listen to what she says in her nasty songs. 

If you know someone with small children, warn them to explore this singer's material discretely and then insist they save their kids from its vulgar sinful content.  In his book, Seven Words of Jesus and Mary, Venerable Fulton Sheen says, "Train your children and yourself, then, in the true wisdom which is the knowledge of God, and in the ignorance of the things that are evil.  The unknown is the undesired; to be ignorant of wickedness is not to desire it.  There are no joys like innocence."  And this also, "People living in dirt hardly ever realize how dirty dirt is.  Those who live in sin hardly understand the horror of sin.  the one particular and terrifying thing about sin is, the more experience you have with it, the less you know about it." 


  1. "...true wisdom which is the knowledge of God, and in the ignorance of the things that are evil. The unknown is the undesired; to be ignorant of wickedness is not to desire it. There are no joys like innocence."

    Puts one in mind of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, eh? Thus has it ever been....sadly.

  2. I, too, searched in the same manner of you did when I heard about all this as I had never heard of the singer. I came to the same conclusion as you. I will pray for those who died or were injured and their families, but my first thought was: "Why did these parents even let their under aged children and teens go there?"

    When my youngest daughter, while a teen, told me in front of her friend that they were going to a certain singer's concert, I replied then and there, "Oh, no you are not." It was not because of the singer's race, but because of the filthy content of his music at that time.

    Another thing that I noticed on a video showing the concert during the attack was that there were way too many people in that one area to be safe for anyone. The concert was huge with an enormous amount of people. That makes it much easier for mass murder and serious injuries. If the explosive does not kill them, panic while trying to get out can kill and injure many more.

  3. Something else that needs to be said is that there is a lot of molestation of children and teens going on in the entertainment industry. Some parents anxious to have their sons or daughters in the "limelight", making a lot of money or getting material benefits imprudently allow their offspring to stay over night at the houses of managers without their being there and knowing exactly what is happening. Many of these management organizations are nothing more than pedophile rings. There are websites warning parents about what has happened to other youngers.

    Muslims are no better as they venerate a man (Mohammed) who had a child bride, which is nothing more than pedophilia as he was in his fifties when he consummated his "marriage" to Aisha at nine or ten years old. That is far too young for a girl to have marital relations. It can do a lot harm to her body.

  4. God has rights. God sanctions legitimate government -- endows it with authority and power -- to encourage virtue and to suppress vice. No government or human being has the right to do evil within society, thereby offending God and putting at risk the other members of the res publica. Government has the moral obligation to defend and to avenge the rights of God. Any government that refuses to do so ipso facto becomes illegitimate.

    What we Americans have lost sight of is that just as the Family is sacred, so society which is the union of Families written large is sacral. We Americans -- like submissive Masonic drones -- are brainwashed into thinking that the First Amendment that prescribes our laicist secular state is a gift from Heaven that we must defend with our life's blood. We Americans do not pause to consider that the First Amendment is blaphemous, that it ignores the Incarnation, that it consigns truth to perpetual debate, that there is no organic constitution that acknowledges God and His Laws, that there is no moral compass to govern the behavior of the state or of the people. This constitutional insanity can only end bad.....The laboratory sterile absence of God in our state and in our society banishes the sacred, in the end nothing is sacred.....

    The Roman Pontiffs of the 18th century forbade men to read and to propagate the Revolutionary publications which encouraged men to throw off Altar & Throne and to establish Masonic democracies, which have always evolved into immorality and tyranny. Men turned a deaf ear to the Church of Rome and set up politically naturalist states with no reference to God and to the One True Catholic Faith -- they exiled the holy from their public lives. These intrinsecally disordered states embody political naturalism -- they ignore Jesus Christ as Creator and Savior, in effect they contracept their governments, they might as well have poked their fingers in the eyes of God. These disordered political experiments are blasphemous and need to be excised and replaced. When God is sent into exile, human freedom quickly is redefined.....

    At first glance, the "founding fathers" only institutionalized their aversion to the Catholic Faith, but inevitably their secular republics worldwide evolved into mortal sin confessional states in permanent revolt against God. The Roman Pontiffs repeatedly warned men that Masonic laicism always culminates in tyranny, that the libertine license that emanates from the Synagogue of Satan is not true freedom and ends up enslaving men to Leviathan.

    Like the Father of Lies in the Garden of Eden, the devil continually tempts men that they can blaspheme the Sovereignty of God and live as they will with no deleterious results. This is all a lie. Ariana Grande in Manchester had no right to corrupt public morals. Period.

    If post-modern men had any sense they would replace their mortal sin confessional states with Christian Commonwealths that exalt and defend God's rights, from which are derived all genuine human rights. Men need to recall that society ordered to acknowledge and to exalt God's rights is sacred and concedes no rights to anyone to desecrate that hallowed covenant. Ariana Grande simply needs to find herself a legitimate profession....

    Since men today are recalcitrant, they stubbornly refuse to exalt the rights of God, then God will allow Islam to continue inflicting barbaric chastisements and the mortal sin confessional states will continue to become ever more tyrannical. Why is it that we allow people like Ariana Grande to define "freedom" for U.S.???

  5. Douglas, I agree she needs to find a decent profession, but that can be extremely hard when some of their parents are encouraging all this. Ariana's mother was reported to have been at that concert, and it does not seem that she was there to take her daughter away from what she was doing. There is another young singer and dancer whose mother was at one of her concerts, dancing in the isle encouraging her daughter to do extremely graphic acts on stage. It seems we have more than one "lost" generation.

  6. I would add that perhaps this has been a "wake up" call for Ariana and her mother and some others. I pray that is the case.

  7. No argument there, Anonymous. That transgenerational spiritual dissonance is a heartrending factor in this mess. My beef as a father and grandfather is that I am on my way out and my children and grandchildren are expected to conform to a mortal sin confessional state that simply is not acceptable. In recent years I left my office to buy a coffee at a local hotel cafe in the city's financial district. On one of the three wall screen televisions a current iconic male singer was blaring out: "I'm going to "blank" you tonight", over and over. The waitress in the dining room was moving between the customers' tables singing out loud: "I am going to "blank" you tonight", over and over. I told the waiters at the coffee bar that I was offended by this kind of entertainment and would not be returning on my coffee breaks. I did not return for a while and when I did the video and waitress had disappeared. The point is that we Catholics have rights (something that the current Catholic Church never mentions) and that includes inside of our countries and cities. We are not sub-humans that the mortal sin confession state can steam roller with no push back and resistance. At the end of the discussion, mortal sin confessional culture is simply not acceptable and we Catholics are not expected by Our King Jesus Christ to sit back and take it in silence. There is the further matter that the mortal sin confessional state protagonists are gravely offending the honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of His Blessed Mother and the Saints. These mortal sin confessional staters are gravely offending us. Years ago I entered a restaurant in Spain and one of the diners there was bellowing out: "I defecate on God." This was after General Franco had died and the snakes had crawled out from under the rocks where they were lurking -- I am a Carlist, not a Franquista, just the same while General Franco was alive this kind of public blasphemy was not tolerated. While General Franco was alive, Spain was a little piece of heaven for Catholic American tourists. This public "I'm going to blank you tonight" and "I defecate on God" -- not to mention the F-bombs blaring from the Rapper channel in the car next to us at the Stop Light -- cry out to Almighty God for vengeance. Any governmment that refuses to avenge the rights of God automatically forfeits its legitimacy and invites a severe Chastisement -- chronic Divine interventions to punish the blasphemies and sacrilege. Government is not supposed to be a gelded school crossing attendant. Government is meant by God to be His lieutenant and to defend His rights on His behalf. We little people who make up society are graced by our Batisms and Confirmations to be soldiers of Jesus Christ and to speak up and to act on His behalf. Wherever and whenever the Vexilla Regis of Jesus Christ is unfurled and waving, that is where and when we are called to be. At our personal judgments we will be judged on how we reciprocated to His Baptismal and Confirmation Graces.

  8. Ariana's persona on stage is that of a capitalist cashing in on the loose morals of today's lost youth at home and abroad who are encouraged by their parents to adopt vile and disrespectful behavior. She is on video telling the world how much she hates America and Americans, the very America that is making her rich beyond what she deserves. She was also spotted licking unpurchased donuts in a store when the vendor is not paying attention while her companions are having a good time. She declared in a speech in support of Hillary Clinton's campaign that "Islam is love." She also supported the so-called vagina pink hats march with the other Hollywood extremists. These activities and behaviors do not represent America and real American women. That is all I need to know about this lost soul who is catering to the enemies of our Republic and moral decadence.

  9. I bought a tape of a popular singer one time who sang very lovely songs, but when I got it home, I found out it was in concert, and she was using very vile language. I took it back to the store, told the lady manager why I did not want it and exchanged it for a good music. I also took back a rented video one time after my oldest daughter (an adult at that time) told me about one of the graphic scenes shown and got another movie.

    My youngest daughter also told the manager of a store we frequented that she would not buy there, if they did not stop using such immoral music in the store. They no longer play any music at all, so we can change our environment for the better by speaking out.

  10. Ileana: you are a true Patriot who writes without fear. May your tribe increase. dv