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Monday, May 15, 2017

Islam Rising to Conquer America

"Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, encouraged us to build mosques and fill them by worshiping Allah with prayers, learning, and obedience of Allah. He said, The one who builds a mosque for the sake of Allah, Allah will build him or her a place in Paradise."

Washington, DC
Miami, Florida
San Diego, California
Atlanta, Georgia
Las Vegas, Nevada
Wichita, Kansas
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Portland, Oregon
Boston, Massachusetts
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Chicago, Illinois
Phoenix, Arizona
Lanham, Maryland

Dearborn, Michigan
Coming soon to your city


  1. We need a new Crusade. Those ignorant of history have no appreciation that the West was saved by the Crusades. It delayed the Muslim conquest which we are now seeing. Pope Pius V must be spinning in his grave with the continuous blather of today's ignorant clerics who deny the reality of a religion that fomented the Armenian massacre and the Christian purge in the Middle East (and the Jews). God help us!

  2. I agree, Mary Ann. For those in doubt, I suggest you watch you tube videos of Robert Spencer and or read his books.

    Consider this too, large mosques are easy to build when the money comes from oil rich Saudia Arabia. The thing to worry about is who and what is being preached inside and to how many.