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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Change by the Will of a Cat

Hi. I’m a cat. But I want to be a dog. I was born to be a dog and I always acted like a dog and even wore dog collars, not cat ones when I was young so that proves that I'm really a dog.

To show that I was supposed to be a dog, not a cat, I growled showing my teeth, I jumped on the couch and tore up all the pillows, snarled as people passed by, ran away from home, and licked my humans in the face just like a dog does. Everybody said, “Hey! That cat must really be a dog! It acts just like one!”

I began wanting to be a dog when I was a kitten, or at least that’s what my parents say. They have a picture of me dressed up in a dog collar in a frame which says Fido, and I really look like a dog.

Actually I’m a very famous cat. Since I announced my transitioning wish the paparazzi follow me all around trying to take my picture when I go out as a dog. When I go for a walk in the park with my nose to the ground sniffing all the smells, there they are snapping my picture looking like a cat (I'm still pre-op) acting like a dog for the newspapers.

I'm already on the nightly news and soon laws will be changed where every veterinarian in the nation will be forced to do cat-to-dog and dog-to-cat operations whether they like it or not. There will be no excuses for them since this is what cats and dogs want. It's our right - our right to be what we were really born to be, which isn't what we were born as, but what we wish we were born as in the first place.

But now as the operation approaches I have a dilemma. Do I want to be a girl dog or a boy dog? Do I want a girl-cat-to-girl-dog operation or a girl-cat-to-boy-dog one? Likewise, boy cats have the same problem. They have to decide if they want to have a boy-cat-to-boy-dog operation or a boy-cat-to-girl-dog one.

Of course I can have a girl-cat-to-boy-cat operation first, then the vet can do the boy-cat-to-boy-dog operation or boy-cat-to-girl-dog one later when I decide if I want to become a girl or a boy cat to a girl or boy dog.

It really isn’t complicated. It’s just what each individual cat or dog wants. Even though cats’ and dogs’ genetics are totally different
and one cannot ever be another, that is a cat can never be a dog and a dog can never be a cat – well, none of that matters. I want to be a dog. It's my right. I think like a dog and act like a dog so really I am a dog only trapped in a cat's body. I was born to be dog, I was, so now with the help of new laws I will be one, and there's nothing you can do about it.