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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Something wicked comes this way...

This mosque is planned for Helsinki,
 Finland. Look for the same in 
your neighborhood soon.
...and it's Islam, folks. The news of Islamic attacks, rapes, female genital mutilations, genocide of Christians and so on ad infinitum rushes by so fast that before I can post it something else similar or worse happens in 5 other places around the globe and all at the same time every day, day in and day out. This is the future (basic black burqas for women and the unbridled killing of infidels for men) unless the West wakes up. But how do we wake up the Snowflakes?

The politically correct news covers up all things anti-Islam or anything remotely having to do with the truth since it always looks bad for Moslems. So just to catch up, below are a few Islamic newsworthy items from the past week or so.

As always, the best news on all things Islam is to be found on Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch.

In addition, WikiIslam is a good site for information on all things Islam.

1) Here's an article about 
Helsinki. The mosque planned there (pictured above) will soon be identical to the one (or ones) in your capital city.

2) I gave up on the Diocese of Orlando a long time ago. A diocesan school teacher quoted St. John Bosco's writings on Islam but apparently St. John was in error because the school teacher was reprimanded by the diocese. The teachings of the Diocese of Orlando, home of the June 12, 2016, Pulse massacre by a Moslem, are inconsistent with St John Bosco and many other Catholic Saints who unfortunately were not politically correct. In the future when Orlando's St James Cathedral is a newly minted mosque, former Catholics (who will then be Moslems) will say, "In time gone by that was the city's Catholic Cathedral.

3) Here we see the new American skyline of the future.

Atlanta's skyline with
Al-Farooq Masjid Mosque & Minaret

4) Below is a parking lot of the future where we park our cars.
Stockholm, Sweden parking lot after an
evening of rioting by "culture enrichers"


  1. Where is St. Pius V when you need him? We need a new Holy League to fight Islam. Our politically correct bishops would rather preach a false mercy and false ecumenism than preach the hard truth of Catholic doctrine and our Catholic history. May God forgive them for feeding the flock to the wolves.

  2. I wonder if you have any Muslim people where you live. I live in southern Michigan, close to the largest concentrations of Arabs (both Christian and Muslim) in the US. Your tone here is completely contrary to what I see every day in my life, surrounded by people who practice Islam in a variety of ways... just as there are Christians who practice in a variety of ways. When one family at our school lost their home to a fire, the nearest mosque congregation stepped up and offered the family (not Muslim) a place to live while they rebuilt. Most of the people in my community are on their second and third generation of American citizens and are saddened (and I'm sure scared) by rhetoric like this. I'm sad, too. I'll keep you in my prayers that you can see that these sort of posts only makes you seem to be filled with anger and hatred.

  3. Anonymous, I helped saved a Muslim baby when I was sidewalk counseling at an abortion mill. I gave a baby shower in my home for the little one and arranged for maternity care for the mother. I was scheduled to be her labor coach but was unavailable when she went into labor. We later attended the wedding of their oldest daughter.They were a wonderful family.

    That doesn't make the Muslim religion/political system wonderful. If you read the Koran, you see that Muslims teach their flock to keep a low profile until they represent a high enough percentage of the population in an area to impose their beliefs on others. The Muslim faith is committed to expanding Sharia Law and the Universal Caliphate. If things continue as they are Islam will rule much of Europe by about 2050 and the U.S. is going the same way. It is a religion of subjugation.

    That's why there are areas in Europe where the police will no longer go and where non-Muslims aren't safe. According to the Muslim religion, it is legitimate to lie to non-Muslims and make them second class citizens. And that is not "radical" Islam, it is the teaching of the Koran. What kind of religion executes "apostates?"

    The Third Reich didn't start rounding up and killing the Jews until the Nazis had enough power to make it possible. Tyranny is patient. Read about the Armenian Massacre by the Turks in the early 20th century and wake up. Christianity and the philosophy of Islam cannot peacefully co-exist. Many acts of terrorism in this country can be linked to imams connected to mosques. That is simply a fact. There is nothing hateful about the truth. The only "good Muslims" are those who support the Koran. Those who are tolerant of others and respect their rights under our Constitution are "bad Muslims" who deserve execution for apostasy. Do you call God "Father" and Jesus His Son? That is blasphemy to Muslims.