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Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Gift of Pope Francis: Exposing the Anti-Church

We are witnessing St. John Paul II’s prophecy of an ‘anti-Church’: Catholic priest

Wow! This is one courageous priest. Read this to understand the times we are living in, but then take to heart Pope St. John Paul's words, "Be Not Afraid." We rest in the hands of our heavenly Father who will never abandon us even in times of trouble. 

Pray, hope, and don't worry.


  1. Wow! We in the Cleveland diocese are in need of a Bishop...may it be Fr. Linus Clovis! Thanks and God bless you and your entire family!

  2. Don't hold your breath, Mariann. Can you imagine our pathetic American bishops recommending him to the nuncio?

  3. This priest must have the support of his bishop because this is not the first time he has been speaking truth and in many places that is simply not tolerated.

  4. Well said Fr. Clovis.
    His comments on the destruction of the yes/no catholic moral paradigm are particularly pertinent.
    Catholocism can only be followed if its teaching is clear.
    It is meant to be clear and understandable.
    That is what God wills.
    The serious errors of catholic theologians have now corrupted the intellects of many who should know better.
    That a shoddy, confusing, and error filled document like Amoris Laetitiae should be published after a contentious, divisive and rigged so called Synod on the Family epitomises the dregs to which catholic intellectual thought has sunk.
    No wonder vocations to the catholic priesthood are at an all time low.

  5. Catholic intellects have been corrupted because there has been no governance of the Church since the death of Pius XII. Except for John XXIII placing Teilhard on what was the soon to be eliminated Index of the Holy Office, theologians who call themselves "Catholic" have been permitted to write and speak anything, anywhere, anytime.

    The Papacy has been complicit in faux theology for more than 50 years (and a couple of Popes have contributed to the confusion and heterodoxy).