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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Have You Heard the One about the Catholic School Superintendent....

Support Mark Smythe! Florida who is threatening a teacher for quoting St. John Bosco on the evils of Islam? Read the article from Catholic World Report here. Is anybody really surprised? The principal defended the teacher, but the diocese is threatening his metaphorical beheading (or is it the beheading of the intelligence of the students?).

The superintendent, Henry Fortier, made it clear that St.John Bosco does not fit with the currently approved approach to Islam.according to the "living witness of Pope Francis." Of course Pope Francis' "living witness" also includes purging the Fatima message of all reference to sin, conversion, punishment, and the need for penance and reparation. At the recent canonization of Jacinta and Francisco none of that, you know, negative stuff was even hinted at. No more warnings. Fatima is a message of peace. Here's how Professor Robert de Mattei described the pope's message at the canonization:
The tragic dimension of the Fatima message, which rotates around the concepts of sin and punishment, has been put aside. Our Lady had said to little Jacinta that wars are nothing other than punishment for the sins of the world and that the sins which carry most souls to hell are the ones against purity. If today we are experiencing “a [world]war in pieces” , as Pope Francis has often repeated, how can we not connect this to the horrifying explosion of present-day immorality, which has gone as far as legalizing the inversion of the moral laws? Our Lady once again had said to Jacinta, that if there had not been any amendment and penance, humanity would have been punished, but in the end Her Immaculate Heart would triumph and the entire world would be converted.

Today, not only is the word “punishment” abhorred, seeing that the mercy of God cancels every sin, but the very idea of conversion is unpleasant, as proselytism, in Pope Francis’ view, “is the strongest poison against the ecumenical path”.

We need to acknowledge that the message of Fatima reinterpreted according to Pope Francis’ sociological categories has little to do with the prophetic announcement of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which Our Lady proclaimed to the world one hundred years ago.
Isn't it wonderful! We are oh so modern today. The Catholic Church has evolved to the point that maintaining the human respect of abortionists, atheists, Lutherans, homosexuals, Muslims, etc. ad infinitum is more important than the truth. And if making nice means purging a few facts from the history books and even from the apparitions of Our Lady, well, that's a small price to pay isn't it? See, world, Catholics are really nice guys. We won't upset you with the truth.

See my letter to the Superintendent of Catholic schools below. I urge you to write one as well and send your letter to You can also sign an on-line petition here. Let's support this courageous teacher and call for integrity and historical accuracy in our Catholic Schools. By the way, if you want a more modern assessment of Islam read Pope Benedict's Regensburg Address.

May 17, 2017

Dear Mr. Fortier,

I was surprised and appalled to see the Catholic World Report article about the impending termination of Mark Smythe for quoting St. John Bosco’s remarks about Islam which is, indeed, “immoral and corrupting” as the saint described. How can a religion that allows consummating marriage with pre-pubertal children be anything else? Mohammed was a pedophile who “married” a child and had relations with her when she was nine. Many tenets of Islam specified in the Koran justify violence against non-Muslims. ISIS is not a reflection of radical Islam; it reflects what the Koran teaches and what Islam really stands for. Many Muslims are among those who don’t know what their religion really advocates.

I don’t understand how you can discipline a teacher for explaining the history of Islam. If you, in fact, discipline a Catholic teacher for quoting a Catholic saint, you will need to purge many other events from your Catholic schools. Will you ban history teachers from discussing the Battle of Lepanto and the Holy League raised by Pope Pius V? You are no doubt aware that the Muslim Turks flayed alive the captain of the garrison of Famagusta, Marco Antonio Bragadin, after the siege and their surrender. Despite promising safe passage to everyone in the fort, Mustafa reneged after a partial evacuation, and murdered all the remaining Christians.  In Islam, lying to non-Muslims is moral so this would not be considered an atrocity, but a legitimate action blessed by Allah.

The reason that so many terrorist acts are committed by Muslims is that Islam is a religion/political system of subjugation aiming at a Universal Caliphate. The only reason we are Catholics today is that the Ottoman Empire was prevented from overrunning Europe in 1571. Lest you mistakenly believe this is all ancient history, it would be instructive to review the Armenian Massacre of 1915. The terrorism we are seeing today is nothing new for Islam.

It is truly disturbing to see Catholic administrators willing to drop historical facts down the memory hole if they conflict with political correctness and to persecute an honest teacher who is willing to share history with his students.

I hope you will reconsider any discipline of Mark Smythe and will give your teachers the freedom to teach the historical truth about Islam.


Mary Ann Kreitzer 


  1. You do not have to post this, but I signed the petition and also called in, Mary Anne. I have no money to give as I give to enough good causes already, but at least I can do that.

  2. Mr. Fortier,

    I hope you have had an opportunity to rethink your disciplinary action of termination against a teacher who was teaching his students the historical facts of Islam and quoting the great St. John Bosco in his efforts.

    I pray that you will be infused with Holy Spirit wisdom and graciously accede to the truth that Mr. Smythe was endeavoring to teach his students while referencing one of the great saints of our Roman Catholic Church!

    Matthews, NC