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Saturday, May 27, 2017

One More Win for the Barbarians

Nash Farm Battlefield museum to close after commissioner requests removal of Confederate flags

1913 Gettysburg reunion unites patriots from South and North -- Shall we black out the Confederate flag from history books?

We truly are living in George Orwell's 1984 where history is dropped down the memory hole when it's considered politically incorrect, and every citizen must be brainwashed or shamed until he will spout the current lie as truth. And so, the statues of southern generals are coming down in New Orleans, state symbols are being purged of the Confederate flag, and any symbol of Southern pride must be destroyed or banned.

Trashing culture is nothing new. Cromwell had the English army stable their horses in Ireland's churches. Muslims bomb religious symbols all over the world. The barbarians are riding roughshod over history. 

Guess what! There were good people in the South who fought, not to advance slavery, but to defend states' rights. Many southerners despised slavery. Stonewall Jackson broke Virginia's law by teaching slaves to read. Many other southerners never saw a slave. There were very few in the Shenandoah Valley where I live. In the south's mill towns, middle class citizens hardly ever saw a slave. The idea that every southerner was a raving slaver with a whip is ridiculous. It was the same kind of propaganda that the Third Reich used portraying Jews as fat, greedy and money-hungry.

How many of the protesters today know that blacks worked and fought in the Confederate Army? Professor Walter Williams, a black economist, wrote an article last year titled Blacks and the Confederacy. He included several examples illustrating the role southern blacks played in the conflict. Then he wrote:
Those are but a few examples of the important role that blacks served as soldiers, freemen and slaves on the side of the Confederacy. The flap over the Confederate flag is not quite so simple as the nation's race "experts" make it. They want us to believe the flag is a symbol of racism. Yes, racists have used the Confederate flag as their symbol, but racists have also marched behind the U.S. flag and have used the Bible. Would anyone suggest banning the U.S. flag from state buildings and references to the Bible?
Ban this racist symbol!
Williams hit the bulls eye. Leave the south and their symbols alone!

Slavery was terrible. So was indentured servitude. So is usury (ever notice the local payday loan sharks in your neighborhood). Worse than all of these is the murder of the unborn, the starvation/dehydration of the sick and brain injured, and the euthanasia or assisted suicide of the sick, the "unfit," and those tired of living who just want to check out. The fact is, the Confederacy acceptance of slavery couldn't hold a candle to Planned Parenthood's targeting of the black community. Over 70% of their facilities are in black neighborhoods and they kill a disproportionate number of black babies. So let's call for the removal of Planned Parenthood's logo from every state. Their business happily murders black babies continuing Margaret Sanger's policy of racial genocide.

So here's a modest proposal. Instead of tearing down the symbols of the South, why not imitate the veterans from both sides who united again as brothers after the war. A 1913 Gettysburg reunion of veterans saw over 25,000 soldiers, both blue and grey, participate in the 50th anniversary commemoration. Some recalled the kindness of soldiers on the other side, a reality that was poignantly portrayed in Gods and Generals. 

Isn't it time to let go of the division and treat with respect the patriots of both sides, especially those who gave their lives? Most of the soldiers in the South weren't fighting for slavery. They were fighting for their homeland. Most of the battles were fought in the South to defend against what they saw as an invasion by the North.

Can't we all just give it a rest and let the South live in peace honoring their leaders?

Grow up, iconoclast babies, and cut out your tantrums. Even if you destroy the symbols, ultimately the truth will be told and your destruction will be seen for what it is, the tyranny of Big Brother. 


  1. If they weren't fighting for slavery, they should have read the southern states declaration of secession, directly citing slavery as a major reason. God well will forgive them as they knew not what they did, but their leaders had their eyes open.

  2. I find it interesting that nobody seems to care much about the slavery that is still going on. The only slavery-demons are the Southerners who continue to be vilified and shamed. Let's face it, this is all about politics and political correctness.

    Can you provide a link to what you call the "southern states declaration of secession"? I'm not aware that there was a common declaration. I've read the secession declarations of several of the southern states which emphasize the principle of state sovereignty. Slavery is a secondary issue at best for many of the southern states, except for the deep south. Secessionists in Virginia were in the minority and there was fierce argument that lasted from February through May (Virginia Convention of 1861). The North's attack on Fort Sumter shifted the debate. Had that not happened Virginia likely would never have seceded.

    The issue is much more complicated than most people make it out. Many in the South did not favor what they called the "peculiar institution." But how do you change something like that overnight? We are still suffering from the effects of the bitterness over the war and the draconian treatment of the South during what is called Reconstruction. That poisoned race relations and we haven't recovered from it yet.

    Did you read Walter Williams article?

  3. The War Against the South was America's French Revolution, fully supported by Karl Marx. The Principle of Subsidiarity died in America at Appomattox Courthouse. If your stomach does not too much, visit Lee Chapel at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia and witness that the cowards have removed the Confederate Battle Flags. The worst tragedy of the War of Northern Aggression was that in 1865 the northern Catholic bishops failed to send Catholic priests to evangelize the emancipated Negro slaves. The Free Masons -- acting on Lucifer's cue as always -- sent in Baptist ministers to indoctrinate the Negroes in the South in the Gospel of Enthusiasm, but without the Catholic theology and traditional Morality. As one of these victims cried on my shoulder the other day, he has six (6) Child Support cases to fund every month and his unhappiness in the New Plantation is unending....Not to fear, American Free Masons did the same thing in Cuba in 1895 when the U.S. won the war against the confessional Catholic state under Spanish Rule. By the time Fidel Castro rolled into Havana in 1959 only 11% of the Cuban population was Catholic. The American South's vindication of its Confederate Heritage will come -- Deo vindice.

  4. The Islamic black flag of ISIS needs to be removed from the face of the earth, for it is the number one symbol of slavery today.

    Slavery in Islamic countries exists today every day, just as it has for the past 1400 years of the existence if Islam. Islam still had (above ground) slave markets up until 1963 and today their slave markets are underground. They have women slaves (the men are killed), Christian slaves, child sex slaves, boy sex slaves. It was Islamic Moslems who rounded up, captured and sold the Negroes of Africa into slavery to others.

  5. "The people of Virginia, in their ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America, adopted by them in Convention on the twenty-fifth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight, having declared that the powers granted under the said Constitution were derived from the people of the United States, and might be resumed whensoever the same should be perverted to their injury and oppression; and the Federal Government, having perverted said powers, not only to the injury of the people of Virginia, but to the oppression of the Southern Slaveholding States." Note the emphasis on slaveholding.

    Yes the other side was backed by Marxists, but that does not justify the slave regimes. Perhaps we now have marxism, brave new world, islamicide, etc because because some people just could not lay down their affection for the Lost Cause. the SPLC certainly makes good use of them.

  6. Mr. Anonymous wrote in part on this matter: "If they weren't fighting for slavery, they should have read the southern states declaration of secession, directly citing slavery as a major reason."

    Three of the 13 Secessionist States (Alabama, Texas, Virginia) in the document in question forming a union or association with other slave-holding States as a reason for their action.

    They did not cite slavery itself as a reason for secession.

    It should be noted that President Lincoln refused to negotiate with the 13 Secessionist States; and instead waged a total war against the Confederacy; contrary to the Church's teachings on Just War.

    Also President Lincoln did not wage war to free the slaves. This was, until Gettysburg, a non-issue; and even after Gettysburg slavery was legally abolished only in those areas of the Confederacy under Union control - not in the Union slave holding States (Missouri, Kentucky, Delaware, West Virginia).

    Further, prior to the War some 90% of federal income came from taxes on the agricultural South; while Northern Banks and Merchants funded and in part conducted the slave trade (See Moses Brown of Brown University fame in Providence R.I> who's family prospered mightily on the slave trade.

    Finally; the Sons of the Confederacy have served loyally and bravely in America's War after Appomattox especially in the combat arms and all out of proportion to their population. Thanks to Lee and Grant there was no insurgency after Appomattox and the Confederates were in Grant's words "now our brothers". The public shaming of the Confederacy by our ruling elite may shatter the peace of Appomattox. Pray that it does not.

    God bless

    Richard W Comerford

  7. The north was just as prejudiced as the souther states. The northern states had it's segregation as there were white neighborhoods and black neighborhoods. We didn't socialize together, it was taboo. A white home owner would never sell his home to a black person. It would bring the value of the neighborhood down. This was in the '50 '60 '70. Where do the northern states get off implying that only the southern states were prejudiced.

    I never heard a sermon from a Catholic priest about our prejudiced outlook and our dislike for the black people. It's just like today it's very seldom do we hear a sermon on abortion.

  8. The link to Walter Williams article does not seem to work.

  9. It works for me, Dr. D. But here's the url --

  10. I read the Williams (who has been squishy before) article and am not convinced the black confederate soldiers were not coerced. There was quite a bit of totalitarianism in the south both overt and covert.

  11. Yes, let's talk about coercian and "totalitarianism", Anonymous. Did you ever hear of the draft riots? Lincoln targeted democrat majority states like Ohio for unfair conscription numbers because they didn't support him.

    Lincoln also exiled an Ohio congressman, Clement Vallandigham, for daring to oppose the war. For exercising his free speech rights, Lincoln had him tried by a military tribunal and exiled to the Confederacy where he declared himself a citizen of Ohio and a prisoner of war.

    Talk about coercion and military despotism.

    There were also draft riots in New York City and Boston, Mass.

    The returning army from Gettysburg had to restore order in NYC. One of the most objectionable portions of the order in NYC is that the wealthy could buy out of conscription. So the draft fell unfairly on the working class, mostly Irish. Perhaps we should talk about that discrimination.

    But nobody cares about the abuse of the Catholic Irish who were little more than slaves because of indentured servitude.

  12. My forefathers were Irish Catholic. They suffered, but they did not have to give up their husbands our babies to be sold down the river.

    YES Lincoln was a heavy and backed by Marxists but that doesn't make slavery right and it doesn't make the confederacy a just cause. It was a mistaken cause.

    Neither the Nazis nor the Soviets deserve a monument. So too do neither the confederates our Lincoln's Marxists.

  13. I would even go so far as to venture a guess that southern Catholics attachment to the confederacy/lost cause is a reason why there are so few blacks in the American Catholic Church today, as well as why the virtuous Catholic truth about abortion is so little heeded.

    I'll take my stand in Catholic land, not Dixieland.

  14. The primary cause of the Confederacy was states rights. Slavery was on the way out and in other places ended through pressure and compensated emancipation. Jesus did not urge a slave culture to fight wars to end slavery. War is so evil, it is almost never justified

    I also find it interesting that those who defend the South are immediately treated like they are defending slavery. That is nonsense. I'm as opposed to slavery as you or anyone else.

    Nevertheless, the Confederacy had a right to secede from the Union. In fact, Virginia and New York only ratified the Constitution with the declaration of the right to secede.

    "A little-known fact of the Constitution is that two of the largest states -- Virginia and New York -- made the right to withdraw from the union explicit in their acceptance of the Constitution. And in such an agreement between parties as is represented by the Constitution, a right claimed by one is allowed to all."

    And, of course, Lincoln didn't dispute the right of West Virginia to secede when it served his purposes.

    As for abortion, if we had states' rights, abortion would probably have disappeared years ago. The handful of states that had legalized it were fed up and were voting to end it. New York voted to repeal its liberal abortion law in 1972, but it was vetoed by Rockefeller. Unborn babies would be better off today in terms of our draconian centralized tyranny if the South had won and states' rights were affirmed.

    The main reason for the Civil War was the fact that the South was paying about 90% of the taxes since there was no income or business tax and the tariffs fell heavily on the southern economy. Follow the money usually explains things.

    To compare the Confederacy to Communism and Fascism is inflammatory and immoderate. As a matter of fact it was the policy of the North to wage scorched earth war against the South burning out civilians and putting women and children out of their homes with winter coming on. Sherman and Sheridan would be guilty of war crimes today for what they did and Sheridan went on to do it to the Indians in the west.

    If you support taking down all the statues to the Confederate generals, I think you should be urging the removal of statues to Sheridan and other generals from the Union who committed war crimes both against the South and against the native Americans.