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Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Modest Proposal from Bishop Barron re McCarrick's "Diabolical Masterpiece"

I'm not a huge fan of Bishop Barron. He seems to me to be too much one of the "nice guys" who keep their heads down and always speak sweetness and light. When he cast down on whether anyone was in hell, I just shook my head. Goodness, was Our Lady of Fatima a sadist showing the children souls like burning embers falling into hell when, in reality, nobody ever goes there?

So I confess I was surprised at this article bout the diabolical nature of the McCarrick scandal and his suggestion which is 180 agrees away from the sickening proposal of Cardinal Wuerl.

Rather than jump on Cardinal Wuerl's garbage bandwagon, Bishop Barron made a sensible and practical suggestion. Of course, my cynical side says it's a shrewd move. How much did Bishop Barron know about McCarrick before the public revelation? What do you think? And what do you think about Phil Lawler's opinion which I link to after the quote?:
So what should be done? The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has no juridical or canonical authority to discipline bishops. And even if it tried to launch an investigation, it has, at the moment, very little credibility. Only the Pope has juridical and disciplinary powers in regard to bishops. Hence, I would suggest (as a lowly back-bencher auxiliary) that the bishops of the United States—all of us—petition the Holy Father to form a team, made up mostly of faithful lay Catholics skilled in forensic investigation, and to empower them to have access to all of the relevant documentation and financial records. Their task should be to determine how Archbishop McCarrick managed, despite his widespread reputation for iniquity, to rise through the ranks of the hierarchy and to continue, in his retirement years, to function as a roving ambassador for the Church and to have a disproportionate influence on the appointment of bishops. They should ask the ecclesial version of Sen. Howard Baker’s famous questions: “What did the responsible parties know and when did they know it?” Only after these matters are settled will we know what the next steps ought to be. 
In the meantime, and above all, we should ask the heavenly powers to fight with us and for us. I might suggest especially calling upon the one who crushes the head of the serpent.
Just How Independent Would This Committee Be? by Phil Lawler

Let's see whether Bishop Barron raises this as a proposal at the bishops' meeting in November or whether things continue as usual with faithful laity left out in the proverbial cold while the politically correct propagandists for sodomy and liberalism set up shop in the convention hall. Will Thomas Rosica be there promoting homosexual propaganda? Will Fr. James Martin? Let's see just how serious the bishops are. Will they allow any critics at all? [I'll mention here the fact that I was approved and then refused press credentials as a reporter for The Wanderer at one meeting. Catholic Pravda is alive and well at the bishops' annual very-scripted meeting.]

Meanwhile, I hope you will register your interest in the Silence Stops Now rally. If thousands of concerned Catholics show up with rosaries in hand it will give the bishops a dose of reality and maybe, just maybe, things will begin to change. Do your duty, bishops!

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