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Friday, August 3, 2018

From Age 15 McCarrick Was Groomed for the Sodomite Priesthood

From age 15 the now disgraced ex-Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, was groomed for the priesthood by the homosexuals in Cardinal "Nellie" Spellman's homosexual network. McCarrick started high school at Xavier (oratory scholarship) in the fall of 1944 and completed 2 academic years there by May 1946. Then he was EXPELLED and quietly disappeared for one academic year - 16 months total counting the summer months. His story differs as to where he was. In one story he says he was "confused". In others he says he was expelled for truancy and a third says he was making bad grades so was expelled.

After being missing for over a year he reappears at Fordham Prep and immediately zooms to the top of their "best student chart" graduating in 1949 with 4 superlatives - Most Likely to Succeed, Best Speaker, Most Diplomatic, and Did the Most for Prep. 

Given the high academic rigor of both Xavier and Fordham Prep in the 1940s, it is IMPOSSIBLE that McCarrick would have been admitted to Fordham Prep after being expelled from Xavier for either truancy or poor grades. The truth of the matter must be homosexuality - that he was caught doing something at Xavier either with a teacher or another student, Xavier quietly expelled him, and Cardinal Spellman then groomed him for a year and set him up to finish his Junior and Senior years of high school at Fordham Prep. McCarrick graduated high school in 1949, one year after his former Xavier classmates who graduated in 1948.

"Ted! How's tricks?"
After graduating high school, McCarrick disappears for another year and a half. Again his stories differ. In one account he said that he and a "friend" traveled Europe; another account says he went to a Carthusian Monastery in Switzerland to "study" however never mentions what that study was. He then returns to the US and goes to Fordhan University graduating there in 1954, two academic years behind his former classmates from Xavier, some of whom also went to Fordham University and graduated from there in 1952.

In all, McCarrick, counting the summer months, was missing for almost 3 years with undisclosed whereabouts and unexplained purpose. After graduating from Fordham University he works in Cardinal Spellman's Chancery, then has a meteoric rise to the top of the hierarchy. 

The homosexuals found him, groomed him for the priesthood, covered up his sodomite proclivities, and used him (quite willingly I'm sure) to further the sodomite agenda within the Church...up to helping get Francis elected as Pope.


elpine flower said...

Susan this article is being heavily criticized as "gossip" and "lies" in comments over at AKA Catholic because there are no citations to prove your hypothesis . Could you please post your sources for the information.

Susan Matthiesen said...

Thank you Elpine Flower.... People think I made this up? The only gossip and liar would be McCarrick himself because the different excuses for McCarrick missing an academic year in high school comes right from the horse's mouth and it's on the Internet. Likewise for the year and a half after Fordham Prep. That's on his wiki page. Fordham Prep also has, unless they deleted it since the scandal, a page gushing over Teddy's graduation from Prep in 1949 listing his three Superlatives.

As for the dates, doesn't anyone think people who knew him as a teenager are still alive? Even Cardinal McCarrick himself says he "transferred" from Xavier.

The point of the article is that the homosexual network was quite deep in NYC in those days of Cardinal "Nellie" Spellman. Do people actually doubt that Spellman placed young homosexuals in the priesthood and Teddy McCarrick was one of them? Or think that McCarrick became a priest then suddenly became a homosexual? They don't want to admit that there was, and still is, a homosexual network within the Church and that they find young gay men to sign up for the priesthood.

Of course someone could always ring up Xavier and ask for a yearbook from 1944-1945.

Susan Matthiesen said...

I just did a fast look on the Internet re Fordham Prep. Looks like they have removed McCarrick from their list of distinguished graduates as well as his full page in their Hall of Honor.

But I have it right here on my desk. "The Whiz Kid from the class of '49" where it indeed says that Teddy "spent two years at Xavier High School before transferring to Prep for his junior and senior years. His impact on Prep was instantaneous, and he became one of the school's top students."

Really? After either truancy and/or bad grades at Xavier? No mention of the missing academic year - he just "transferred"? Like I said, it would have been impossible for Ted to have gotten into Prep after poor performance at Xavier. In addition, what a turnaround, eh? From truancy and poor grades to "top student" and "the whiz kid". More likely it was administration manipulation by Cardinal Spellman.

I accidentally left out one superlative for he had FOUR! "In the 1949 Ramkin (yearbook), Ted was voted by his classmates as "Most Likely to Succeed, "Best Speaker", "Most Diplomatic" and "Did the Most for Prep."

And yesterday there was this from Fordham University: "The university Board of Trustees has voted to rescind Cardinal McCarrick's honorary degree and other honors the university has conferred upon him." ...So yes, I am certain that means that Prep had removed all references to him....but like I said. I have it here on my desk.

elpine flower said...

Susan ,I agree with you but others do not understand how the sodomite groomers pet projects get ahead in ecclesial circles , especially when they read an article as you have written without cited sources and validating proof.
i have friends who graduated Xavier and know there was a problem there with homosexual clergy.
It would be really helpful to know who his clerical promoters were.

Susan Matthiesen said...

I actually do not know that at all. How would I know that? How would I know who, at either Xavier and/or Fordham Prep in 1946-1949, helped McCarrick along on his journey to his questionable priestly career? Maybe someone could ask Xavier and Fordham Prep for their records. Search Cardinal Spellman's records from that far back. Ask Ted McCarrick himself. He would know. But I doubt Spellman ever kept records of his homosexual activities and Xavier and Fordham Prep would likewise have covered up anything untoward.

What they cannot cover up is the fact that McCarrick went to Xavier 2 years, went missing one academic year, then "transferred" to Fordham Prep, graduating there in 1949 while his classmates from Xavier graduated in 1948. Then after graduation McCarrick goes to Europe for a year and a half - that's on his Wiki page - comes back, goes to Fordham University then the seminary, then rises to the top all the while sodomizing young seminarians and priests while Spellman and others cover up for him.

I'm only giving FACTS that I know. He started at Xavier in 1944, etc etc. The stated facts point to the other stated fact that he was missing in the public eye for almost 3 years at a very young age then soared to the top of the hierarchy with people covering up for him every step of the way.

People are naive if they cannot understand the homosexual problem in the priesthood. I could tell you stories and more stories from just the Diocese of Orlando alone. If people don't believe me, so be it. They can look it up for themselves...unless it's been removed from the Internet like Fordham Prep has done.

Susan Matthiesen said...


He graduated from Incarnation School in 1944 and "then went to Xavier High School"...which would have been in the FALL of 1944.

He ADMITS that he was EXPELLED FROM XAVIER. Now I ask, HOW did his mother get him into Fordham Prep after being expelled from Xavier? After a missing academic year? Impossible, I say that she could have done it, but not impossible for Cardinal Spellman who had "plans" for him.

Susan Matthiesen said...

For those who want to be convinced, go to a gay pride parade. See the evil. Smell it. It's in the air. Don't be so naive. I gave you facts, so sniff the air and follow the stench of Teddy MCCarrick's "vocation".

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree, Susan. The facts indicate something very wrong. Meanwhile the lavender mafia continues to go after good priests like Fr. Phillips. You can molest a young adult with no problem but refuse Communion to a Buddhist lesbian and you'll get the mailed fist quick as a flash!

elpine flower said...

Wow Mary Ann , the "mailed fist" was not the case at all.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

The expression "mailed fist" refers to brutal and coercive power and many good priests have experienced it. My reference to the lesbianI was talking about Fr. Guarnizo in D.C. who was immediately thrown out of the diocese after refusing Communion to a self-professed lesbian who practices Buddhism.

And my own dear friend Fr. Haley certainly experienced the raw brutal power of Bishop Loverde.

How many good men were booted before they even made it to ordination. We are in a mess!

I'm not sure what case you are addressing.

turkeyridge said...

We should adjure Loverde to make things right with Fr. Haley and other outrages before he joins the likes of McCarrick in hell! We should pray for all clergy and religious that they publicly repent before it is too late for them.

Susan Matthiesen said...

On another site where my article was posted someone asked: Does McCarrick's vice go back to his childhood and abuse by Cardinal Spellman?

The answer I think is that he did something at Xavier, was expelled for it and for one year between his sophomore and junior years of high school, i.e. the missing academic year between Xavier and Fordham Prep, he was - willingly I'm sure - taken under Spellman's wing and the NYC network of homosexual priests, and offered a deal along the lines of being placed in Fordham Prep, then Fordham University, then one and a half years in Europe doing only God knows what, then the Seminary, and then a soaring career in the priesthood straight to the top. All for advancing the homosexual agenda in the Church to undermine orthodoxy.

Of course McCarrick had Spellman's sanction to abuse other males and he (McCarrick) knew it would all be covered up for him. But alas, the devil had his day and flipped sides because after all, he is the father of lies.

So McCarrick's everlasting fame and glory with his name on parishes, schools and whatever else the homosexuals were planning to name after him, all went out the window. Poof. Gone and he is left with only a short time to prepare himself before meeting Almighty God in the Particular Judgement.

roseofsharon said...

May GOD have mercy on his soul.

Allen Thrasher said...

What is your evidence that Card. Spellman was a practicing homosexual?