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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Are Gay Nude Campgrounds Your Homosexual Pastor's Vacation Destination?

Your gay pastor casts off his clerics and walks 
around naked in a "different community free 
from the confounds of society."
Warning: explicit content

Catholic priests and bishops should not be penalized for the sins of others, nor should chaste homosexuals, although they should not be priests. That being said, how many bad priests, that is, actively gay priests, will participate in sodomite activities while on their summer vacation? They won't be going to Disney World for Gay Days since that's too public. No. They will travel to one of the many private gay campgrounds around the US. (I won't link the Gay Camping USA website but you can look it up.)

 he goes on his summer vacation perhaps you imagine your pastor flying to Rome and praying day and night at St Peter's to hone his spiritual skills, getting in touch with God on a more personal level. Maybe you see him in your mind's eye in Portugal praying the Rosary at Fatima, asking the Blessed Mother to help him become more holy. Perhaps you envision him on a mountaintop with a halo around his head personally conversing with angels and saints. But wonder no more, because if his Masses are wild, loud, clapping, singing affairs with people swarming around the altar like ants at a picnic to consume torn off pieces of a large pita-style Host I can assure you that your leftist homosexual pastor is at none of your imagined vacation spots. He's probably gone camping.

He's gone camping because he's a homosexual which is why his Masses are protestant and why no one in his parish knows what it means to be truly Catholic. How could they possibly know what the Church teaches when their pastor doesn't know because he doesn't care or believe any of it himself? He doesn't believe any of it because he's homosexual therefore he secretly meets another gay priest at a gay campground where men walk around nude. Yes. Your gay pastor casts off his clerics and walks around with no clothes on. Totally naked. He does. Because why else would he be there away from prying eyes in a "different community, free from the confounds of society"?

Will he engage in anonymo
us anal sex through holes in the wall of the "chapel'? Yes. Will he dress in drag for parties and "themed activities" such as Trailer Trash Weekend, Gurls of Summer, Southeast Leatherboy, Sordid Lives Weekend, Red Light District Party, Nude Gaymes, or the vile DILF Rip, Strip or Burn Weekend and participate in filth and pure evil? Of course. That's why he's there. And he's there because he's gay. A homosexual. A sodomite - just call his proclivity what it is - and that's what they do. 

Sodomites with clothes (because I
can't post nude photos on Les Femmes)
While you are praying for your pastor, he is preying on other men, checking out their equipment, or they are preying on him while he's flaunting all he's got around the swimming pool, or visiting the "chapel" for a poke through one of the many openings in the wall where on the other side awaits an anonymous pokee. He will more than likely participate on both sides of the wall. How many times in 24 hours will your sodomite pastor do that? 

Does the bishop know? Yes. Will he do anything about it? No. He is silent. He is silent "because of the systemic corruption of priests and bishops who do not believe what the Church teaches." So if our bishops won't do anything, where is God and His thunder and lightning striking them all dead and burning the camp to the ground like Sodom and Gomorrah? Why doesn't God DO something? The answer is that WE are God's hands and feet here on earth and as much as I'd like to burn the gay campsite in Georgia to the ground myself, it's our duty to get the sodomites out of the priesthood and we cannot do it if we are in jail. We must be as "innocent as doves and as wise as serpents." And get angry. Really really angry. Remember Christ in the Temple.

Why is a sodo
mite a priest in the first place? Ask the ex-Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick. It's a job. A respectable job which hides their homosexuality. "Oh, little Johnny didn't marry because he had a vocation to the priesthood!" It's a job where they don't have to worry about money, health insurance or a place to live. They get to travel, have vacations and time off. In short, the Church provides them with a life. A life where they form friendships with other sodomites who are in the priesthood for the same reason they are and if they are friends with famous sodomites in the hierarchy, they too get raised to fame...or infamy as in Ted McCarrick's case, which is "sickening beyond comprehension."

Homosexual priests advance the homosexual agenda by indoctrinating heterosexual people to the homosexual lifestyle through false doctrine. (How many Catholics voted for same-sex "marriage"?) To form souls in their homosexual image, not God's. To affirm the lust of sodomy since they are sodomites. To form the consciences of parishioners to vote for the evils of abortion and same sex-marriage. In short, to lead people directly to hell, not heaven. Yes, (yawn) the homosexual has to confect Transubstantiation for the people, God in the hands of a sodomite, but every job has its particular irritating aspects. 

Sodomite priests are soldiers of Satan, the father of lies, destroying Christ and His Church because after all, that is Satan's job and he gets his little minions to do his work for him. He wants the Church to fall, but it is our duty - the duty of the laity - to deflect that plan by making the sodomite network(s) in the Church fall. Drive them out. Get them out of the priesthood. It's far past time that the laity demanded to be taught God's eternal truths and why we are here on earth, and it isn't to be deceived - hoodwinked - by sodomites.

we need to know if a priest believes what the Church teaches however, first and foremost, WE ourselves have to know what the Church teaches so that we are prepared to look and see. The pastor of the parish I attend is definitely faithful and orthodox. Is yours? Or has he gone camping?

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rohrbachs said...

HOW do you know he is definitely faithful and orthodox. Witness the diocese of Lincoln. Witness Cardinal Spellman. Conservatism can be a convenient mask. The million dollar question is how to tell. One possibility is just ask the question and observe the reaction.