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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Truth in the Church These Days is Stranger Than Fiction! The Vigano Adventure....

God bless and protect Archbishop Vigano!
Read the blurb on the novel's dust cover:

"A tale of corruption set in Rome and the United States where Vatican figures conspire with American cardinals jostling for positions of power and influence. Lust and greed thrive in Vatican corridors as men in Roman collars victimize the innocent. Can a few honest men save the Church? Will the courageous archbishop speak out in time to halt the scandal and prevent more innocent victims from abuse?...."

Well, you get the idea. My head is spinning and I wonder more and more if all the tales in Malachi Martin's Windswept House were absolutely true including the satanic ritual in the basement with "Agnes" who was raped by the Cardinal Bernardin character thinly disguised.

And now we hear that Archbishop Vigano fled Italy in fear of retaliation. Reading the story of how Vigano's story came to be published is enough to make one weep for this elderly prelate who has left his home and gone into hiding. Here is how it begins:
This is how Archbishop Viganò gave me his memoir. And why I decided to publish it
By Aldo Maria Valli 
“Doctor, I need to see you.” 
The tone of the voice is calm, but indicates a note of apprehension. On the phone is Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former nuncio to the United States. 
I do not hide my surprise. We have met several times at various public convocations, but we can hardly say that we know each other. 
He explains to me that he is one of my most assiduous readers, who appreciates my courage and my clarity, often united to irony. I thank him and I ask, “But why do you want to see me?” 
He responds that he cannot tell me on the phone. 
“All right, then, let’s meet up, but where?” 
Naïvely I suggest at my office, or at the coffee shop down the street, which is my second office. 
“No, no, please. As far as possible from the Vatican, far from all indiscreet eyes.” [Continued here....]
How can we not weep for our poor Church! I'm leaving now for my weekly adoration hour and I take Archbishop Vigano in my heart and all those who have helped to tell his story. The bishops attacking him all promote the homosexual cabal in the Church. And those who speak of him with respect and admiration for his service to the Church are the most orthodox of men in the hierarchy.

And so...I know in my heart whom to believe. It is not Cupich, Wuerl, Farrell, and Joseph Tobin with their gay propaganda, but the brave archbishop in hiding. May God protect him!


Andrew said...

Mary Ann, It is timely that you mention Cd. Bernardin. The Illinois AG is apparently building a PA style grand jury investigation, and there is no diocese more deserving of investigation than Chicago. Unfortunately, the Illinois AG probably comes from the Chicago machine so they may go easy on Cupich's Chicago, regardless, one thing that is very little appreciated is that Barrack Hussein Obama's very first post grad school pay check came from the Archdiocese of Chicago as attested to by a lengthy NYT article from a few years back. I'd post the link but my phone can't quite pull it off. He was hired by the Bernardin-led archdiocese to conduct "community organizing" as developed by Saul Alinsky - whose research was also financed in part by the Archdiocese of Chicago. So, the man who provided the intellectual framework that would propel the political careers of the two most deceitful politicians in recent memory, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and who literally dedicated his magnum opus to Satan, got critical seed funding from the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Anyways, maybe this is widely known, but my impression is that its not.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

One of my colleagues in the Catholic Media Coalition, Stephanie Block, is an expert on Saul Alinsky and his community organizing network. Msgr. Jack Egan was one of his cronies in Chicago and they were behind the plan to get Alinsky's hand in the deep pockets of the Catholic Church. That's the origin of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, originally the Campaign for Human Development. A large chunk of the annual collection goes to Alinskyite groups that use it to fund intrinsic evils either directly or indirectly, and, of course, to elect liberal Democrats. Our Catholic network has struggled for years to stop fleecing the "patsies in the pew." But the collection still brings in millions that go to undermine the faith. But Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities fund evil as well. Which is why I NEVER give to a second collection.

Aqua said...

I understand the sentiment to "weep for Archbishop Viganó". But I don't.

I see him as a martyr. To be in a position to defend Christ and restore His Church when no one else was able and/or willing? Against the very Pope himself? Wow! Inspiring stuff.

We all die. But to die well, esp in the name of Christ, that is something many of us miss.

I am personally quite happy for Archbishop Viganó; inspired: for what he has done for us, for future generations of Catholics, for Jesus Christ waiting for just such a man to choose correctly..

No tears from me. This is the kind of stuff we Catholics should live for. A living, breathing Carholic hero; an inspiration to us all. Do what he did. Live as he lived. Faithful and brave to the end. He is in the ring, fighting; not against Caesars and Pagans but his own superiors. Not many friends right now, except Jesus Christ; which is how it always ends for a martyr.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree with everything you say, but we sing at Stations of the Cross, "At the cross her station keeping, stood the mournful Mother weeping, close to Jesus to the last." Perhaps it is my motherly heart. I too am grateful for the courageous archbishop, but I join Our Lady in her tears....