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Monday, August 13, 2018

Building a Bridge for Man Boy Love? Is That Where We're Going Next in the Church?

One of our readers alerted me to the Quest conference that ran from August 10-12 in Lincoln, England and featured notorious gay rights propagandist Fr. James Martin, S.J. Last year their featured speaker was Sr. Jeannine Grammick another dissenter from Church teaching on sexuality and gay rights champion That's enough to know what Quest is, but I'll add more.

Quest is a homosexual group for Catholics that, like Dignity and New Ways Ministry is all about pushing the gay lifestyle. You can't read full articles on their website without being a paid member, but the titles, blurbs, and articles by dissenters are enough. Here are a few:
“My partner’s very robust and very self-assured about his sexuality." [Imagine what the article says!]
 "Digging through my archives at Queering the Church..."
Well, you get the idea. This is not a group encouraging chastity among the same-sex attracted.

Quest describes its purpose this way:
In concrete terms, we aim to: 
Bring good news to LGBT Catholics 
Deliver pastoral support for LGBT Catholics 
Provide resources for LGBT Catholics 
Practise advocacy for LGBT Catholics 
Work towards safer schools for LGBT Catholics 
Note that last line. Hmm.... The gay community is using anti-bullying programs as the camel's nose in the school tent, a ruse to begin gay/straight alliance clubs in schools and bring in gay speakers to promote the lifestyle and recruit.

Take a close look at the photo above. Notice anything disturbing? I'm so slow-witted I missed it in a cursory glance, but Joseph Sciambra didn't. It clearly shows the hand and forearm of a youngster, presumably a boy, (could be one of my little elementary aged grandchildren)  with the hand of an adult male on the other side.

What exactly is the underlying message of this picture showing children's colorful blocks making the bridge where the child's fingers march toward the adult's? What happens when the child meets the man in the middle? Do they go off hand in hand? Are we one step closer to the NAMBLA motto of "Sex before eight or else it's too late?"

Look at the flags, the papal flag on the right and the rainbow flag on the left.

This what happens when
Uncle Teddy and his boy meet
in the middle of the bridge?
What's next..........?
This could be an iconic picture depicting the McCarrick scandal: McCarrick - the powerful pope-maker who admitted lobbying for Bergoglio, McCarrick - the man instrumental in selecting many current U.S. bishops. All that's needed to make the picture complete is an altar boy's surplice sleeve on the boy' arm and a clerical shirt cuff on the man.

Sciambra's article on Quest includes this information:
Concerning same-sex relationships, Quest recommends that:
When one is dealing with people who are so predominately homosexual that they will be in serious personal and perhaps social trouble unless they attain a steady partnership within their homosexual lives, one can recommend them to seek such a partnership and one accepts this relationship as the best they can do in their present situation.
According to Quest: “People of all ages are welcome to join Quest and, whenever possible, a Young Person’s Officer serves on the national committee with the specific task of organising events for younger members.” 
Part of the work of Quest includes supporting LGBT students in Catholic schools. Quest recommends an extensive set of curriculum proposed by the LGBT-affirmative “Stonewall Education Conference” which includes the use of the “Genderbread” person. The Genderbread graphic was also recommended to Catholic educators at the 2018 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress; Martin was a featured speaker at the 2018 Congress.
Another graphic
from the Quest website
Where is all this going? Straight to legitimizing same-sex depravity even with children. The move is on now to redefine pedophilia as a sexual orientation that is not chosen, but inbred. Think of all the legislation protecting different "sexual orientations" and wake up. [N.B. The linked article was written by an acknowledged pedophile who says he chooses not to act on his inclinations. Just like Uncle Ted right? Would you let him babysit your kids?]

Our children and grandchildren are the targets and there are still homo-barriers to conquer. It will start with removing the stigma from pedophilia, then lowering the age of consent, depriving parental rights to oversee minor children if they want to "change genders," etc. We've seen it all before with abortion and contraception, with values clarification programs to encourage children to reject their parent's moral teaching, etc. The way to own the future is to pervert the children!

It's time to wake up and recognize that the war isn't just out there; it's in the middle of our schools, our libraries, our families, even in our parishes. If you won't stand up now and fight this evil when will you?


elpine flower said...

Excellent post Mary Ann !
Truly a frightening development being endorsed and approved
by a condescending Hierarchy.
Everyone should google NAMBLA and read what their agenda is.

Kathleen1031 said...

Great post. Parents need to know this is already in public schools in the US. I had a child of 12 announce to me happily "I'm transgender queer!". This is a child in Special Ed (these kids often are soft targets for this stuff), and it adds a challenging social dilemma for kids who already have social problems. For many kids in SPED it provides an easy out, oh so this is why I have problems! These kids can easily be taken advantage of, and a study by MassResistance demonstrated kids are often preyed upon by the adult leaders of LGBT or GSA groups in schools! Parents just assume their kids are fine but they are not.

The Quest header is an undeniable promotion of child molesting. These men are now so bold they don't even work hard to hide it. Clearly they are feeling untouchable, with a pope that supports and promotes them, says who am I to judge, one can well understand that sentiment.
With the PA grand jury report just out, and confirming our church is more a club for boy molesters than anything else, this may put the silver bullet in the church's head. At this point, as a Catholic who loves the faith, I almost feel that won't be a bad thing. Let it go down. If God wants it to, it will come back anew. We are altogether sick of these pederast monsters.

Kathleen1031 said...

You know, here's another thing, these perverts need to answer for this. I want to hear the response to, hey Father, explain the meaning of this header...

Make these sons of...make them answer!

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I share your anger, Kathleen. So many of these bishops are homosexualists who support the lavender mafia if they aren't homosexuals themselves. Cupich, Wuerl, Farrell, Joseph Tobin -- beaucoup others as well. They all should be removed. And one day they will be. And when they are, they will have much for which to answer!

jules said...

Mary Ann, great article. I have long been a fan. You have a mother’s righteous fury at these bastards.

The reason I mention the mother’s fury is that I believe we all need to cultivate that attitude and get angry. For too long we have accepted the old, “be kind to homosexuals but don’t approve homosexual acts.”

But after reading the PA report we need to adopt the old, “give them an inch and they’ll take a foot.” So do not budge, even an inch.

And what other dioceses is this going on in?

They need to do this in EVERY state. Get it all out. Roust these evil bastards and take back the church.

There has to be an understanding that this is NOT pedophilia, it all stems from normalization of sodomy to the point that the institutional church, at least tacitly, accepted the idea that homosexuals are ok and homosexual clergy is fine, as long as they claim to be celibate.

Next was the fact that almost all the hierarchy accepted that some were, in fact, NOT celibate and they looked the other way — assuming that consensual behavior — at least between adults, was OK.

Thus was the expectation of the holiness of the priesthood dismantled, brick by brick.

We need to go after every single person who allowed this to perpetuate. Without a single shred of sympathy for the poor, sensitive, homosexuals.

With a merciless, mother’s, protective fury.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Thanks, Jules. You are so right. Until these men are removed from every single position of authority we will see the problem continue. We need to storm heaven with prayer and storm the internet, the media, the chanceries, etc. with our righteous anger and demand for justice. The raped and molested children deserve it and so do the faithful who have been so cheated of the truth.