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Monday, August 20, 2018

And Jesus said, "It's whip o'clock, baby"

Today at Mass we were reminded to reflect the face of Jesus. Does my face reflect the face of Jesus? Yes, it truly does. 

Since ex-Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick's filth was uncovered - which is a ruse in itself since many bishops had known of McCarrick's homosexual activities for years and the payouts emanating from various charges against him decades ago and still raised him to the Cardinalate - my face most certainly reflects the face of Jesus. 

It's an angry face filled with disdain, contempt and scorn and just like Jesus, the zeal of thy house has eaten me up, and so, again, just like Jesus, I'll fashion me a whip because it's whip o'clock, baby. (Thanks to Ann Barnhardt for this expression.)

Meanwhile, I have single-handedly discovered verses left out of the Bible concerning Jesus' cleansing of the Temple. Here they are below:

And Jesus said: I will fashion me a whip and take it to the Temple. And when he had made, as it were, this whip, he proceeded to the Temple and drove all the sodomite perverts out of it while crying in a loud voice: Take your filth, your perversions and sins and make not the house of my Father a house of sexual perversion! You sodomites! You perverts! For you it will be like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

 Whip o'clock time
There will be no more Catholics voting for same-sex marriage! There will be no more Catholics voting for the killing of the unborn! There will be no more Catholics knowing not the teaching of my Father because of your pathetic progressive programs!

You have not let my worthy priestly candidates into the seminaries, and when you did, you drove them out. You have corrupted the innocent and covered-up your filthy crimes. Therefore I will allow the laity not to go to you anymore since when they did, you did NOTHING! I will allow them to go over your heads straight to the Mainstream Media, to tell all they know of what you have done against me and my Father's Commandments.

And Jesus proceeded to strip all Church officials of their wealth, that is, their palaces, their fine cars and clothing, their prestige, money and 401Ks, their travel vouchers, vacation homes, health insurance and retirement until they were sore afraid of being poor and having to depend only on Him and Him alone.

And lo, just before he began cleansing the temple, he, thinking of Ann Barnhardt 2000 years in the future, was heard to chuckle while whispering to himself, It's whip o'clock, baby! Then he raised his whip and commenced the cleansing, and loud cries and wailing from the sodomites and perverts could be heard as Jesus purified His Church.


Chriss Rainey said...

And where is the pope?

Yes, Francis, it IS your job to judge.

Aqua said...

Timely comment, Chriss Rainey.

The entire job description of a Pope is to "Judge", in line with all the others; closely bound to Christ our King.

Don't have that, don't really have anything. Not much use for such a Pope unwilling, unable to "judge" from his Papal throne as Christ's Vicar on earth.

And so, we certainly see now where that failed belief leads: Theological, practical collapse of our beloved Church and the loss of countless souls to hell.

The small gate, narrow road demand judgement, every step of the way to its end. Few find it. Few remain. Hopefully, future Popes will rise up to help us suffering faithful to enter the gate and remain in the way.

Sojourner said...

Do you think Jesus was concerned about the souls he drove out of the temple? Did He shed His Precious Blood for them?

M. Prodigal said...

Where is the pope? Going to the Meeting of "Families" in Dublin with their pansy colored vestments and pro-sodomy speakers, that's where. Somehow I am doubting his presence there is to call them to conversion and repentance.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...


Yes and yes. But what is your point?

Susan Matthiesen said...


You seem to deny Christ the right to drive out the money changers with a whip. Why is that? Are you more on the side of those who sin than on the side of Our Lord Who hated the sacrilege which kept the people from learning about God in His own Temple?

The merchants charged exorbitant rates to change money thereby taking advantage of the poor. In addition they set up shop in the Court of the Gentiles making it useless as a place of prayer because of all the hustle and bustle the buying and selling created.

The merchants and the priests who allowed their presence cared nothing for true worship as long as they could make money and keep up the rituals.

Sound familiar?

As far as your concern about Jesus being concerned for the souls of those He drove out, I assume He knew that they would understand that His actions were chastisement for what they were doing and that they would in the future no longer engage in such activities - which in the end, would be good for their souls. Therefore, yes, He did care about their souls. That's why He did what He did.

However, never forget that He was primarily offended for God's sake because, in God's own Temple, God was not being able to be worshiped because of the money changers greed, avarice and usury.

Sojourner said...

I guess my point is that we shouldn’t just turn our backs and walk away from our bad priests or any sinners because we know that no matter how sinful, they are precious in the eyes of Jesus. We know Jesus died for them. Instead of words of condemnation, maybe we should offer prayer. In your post you say we should go to the media. You really believe that throwing our priests and bishops to a secular, godless media run by Satan is the answer? Wouldn’t it be better to give them to our Lord in prayer? Here is a prayer for priests from St Faustina:

1052 O my Jesus, I beg You on behalf of the whole Church: Grant it love and the light of Your Spirit, and give power to the words of priests so that hardened hearts might be brought to repentance and return to You, O Lord. Lord, give us holy priests; You yourself maintain them in holiness. O Divine and Great High Priest, may the power of your mercy accompany them everywhere and protect them from the devil‟s traps and snares which are continually being set for the souls of priests. May the power of Your mercy, O Lord, shatter and bring to naught all that might tarnish the sanctity of priests, for You can do all things.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Of course we "shouldn't just turn our backs and walk away from our bad priests or any sinners." Of course they are "precious in the eyes of Jesus."

We don't "condemn sinners" here; we condemn sins. If you read the saints like Doctor of the Church St. Robert Bellarmine and reformer St. Charles Borromeo, you know they did the same thing. In fact Robert Bellarmine urged preaching on hell at least once a month. Now how do warn people about hell without making a few people uncomfortable?

Thank you for the prayer from St. Faustina. Prayer always has to be the foundation of everything we do. I try to remember to pray the prayer to the Holy Spirit whenever I sit down at my computer. We need reformation and reformation generally requires speaking the hard truth.

As for the media, sad to say the homosexual abuse crisis would probably still be in the closet except for the media. God often uses strange instruments to accomplish his will. Not to mention that not all those in the secular media are instruments of Satan. There are many good guys out there who I thank with a sincere heart for their commitment to the truth. Tucker Carlson comes to mind.

Sojourner said...

Thank you, Mary Ann. Yes, the media has been used to reveal sin in the Church, The movie, Spotlight, was an excellent movie showing just that, and was even praised by the Church. But we do need to remember that the vast, vast majority of the media is extremely liberal and secular, and often pawns of big money, Only 5 corporations own and control almost everything we are told in the news media. And Disney is out there trying to make that number even smaller. We should always turn to our Lord before turning to mainstream media and ask Him to direct our steps. He knows how to cleanse the temple in a truly righteous and holy way. We tend to let our emotional judgments get in the way.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I agree. We need to begin holding the media to account as well which is why I cancelled NETFLIX. It's hard not to be part of the problem because of the communal connections. Our taxes implicate us in abortion, contraception, and other evils. We buy prescription drugs that implicate us in moral evils of big pharma, etc. A priest advisor once told me many of the Old Testaments sins condemned by God were the Israelites involvement in communal sin. We all have hands dipped in blood because of it. I'm thankful for the bishops who are callling for Masses, fasting and Holy Hours of reparation. I guess that's our modern version of sackcloth and ashes.

Susan Matthiesen said...


Lay people have gone to their bishops to report abuses countless times and the bishop(s) did NOTHING. If the bishops thought that the people were angry enough to go over their heads straight to the MSM, it would make them tremble with fear - not the fear of the Lord, but the fear of being found out to have had information about certain priest abusers about which they did NOTHING. Just moved the priest (they dedicated a chapel to this homosexual priest whom they moved from NY to FL

promoted him or left him where he was to continue the abuse.

Therefore I'm sick of hearing about evil sodomites being "precious in the sight of the Lord." I grit my teeth because I can barely pray for them, but I do. I say - "Lord, please, I want what's best for them. Please make that happen." What is best for them is total conversion to God since, if they do not, their eternal destination looks to be with that of Muhammad. Loving thy neighbor means wanting what's best for them and not wanting people to go to hell is what is best for them, don't you agree?

Have you ever been to a gay pride parade, Sojourner? I recommend it. If for nothing else, you will be able to personally see all those people who are "precious in the sight of the Lord" whipping each other, walking around naked, men kissing men, women kissing women, transvestites dressed as nuns and priests. The depravity and evil is certainly not "precious in the sight of the Lord" anymore than Lucifer is. Get a grip on reality.

Sojourner said...

Susan, I have not been to a gay pride parade nor do I ever want to go, I have seen enough clips and heard from people who have gone to pride parades to know how bad they are. There are always a lot of naked people simulating sex acts and sometimes doing more than simulating. Orgies are nothing new in the history of man, and that is basically what pride parades are. I don’t need to attend to know what goes on.

Ignoring lay people is a big part of the evil of clericalism. The priest is important and the people don’t matter. In past generations, especially prior to Vatican II, the laity unknowingly contributed to this by treating the priests as if they could do no wrong, I am old enough to remember when we were never allowed to question a priest. Some priests, emo tionally immature and struggling with some very deep issues that were never addressed, definitely abused the high and often unwarranted respect that was given to them. Now all of that evil is being exposed and it is very disgusting.

Yes, I do agree that wanting what is best for these men is total conversion, to go to heaven and not to hell. But to feel that way toward them is not a natural reaction. In truth, their sin drives us to Christ for ourselves as much as for them because the natural reaction is to hate them and wish total destruction upon them. It is only by the grace of God that we can pray for them, with the goal of actually loving these abusive priests just as Our Lord does. He loved them so much he actually died for them. Certainly evil acts are not precious in God’s eyes. It is the evil acts that killed Our Savior. But as Mary Ann says, the people, even evil priests, are precious to God It is not the way of the world, but it is the way of Jesus Christ. The world will support us in our hate, and that is why we must be careful to keep separate from the world. The only way to be able to pray for these men is to ask for the grace to do it, “Forgve us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespassed against us.”

jmbutk said...

Aren't plastic straws and global warming and eliminating the death penality MUCH more important?

Susan Matthiesen said...

Sojourner, yet Christ fashioned a whip and drove people out of His Father's Temple while calling them names. We are most certainly allowed to do likewise. We are allowed to JUDGE THEIR ACTIONS which are EVIL in the sight of God.

It's a given that Christ offered salvation to each person, past present and future, so I do not have to worry about their value to God since Christ OBVIOUSLY died for everyone - even Hillary Clinton - and therefore we leave the JUDGEMENT OF THEIR SOULS to God alone for that is where we dare not tread.

What do you mean that "to feel that way is not a natural reaction"? The definition of loving everyone regardless is exactly what I state - to want what's best for them, which is total conversion to God so that they might go to Heaven and not Hell. We are called to LOVE all people, not LIKE them. You act as if I have to actually like sodomites and what they do. Nope, I do not. I do not like them. I love them.

You act as if I do not pray for them when obviously you did not read what I said...when I said that I do ...God has given me enough strength to "grit my teeth because I can barely pray for them and say..." What? My prayer is not good enough for you? My prayers have to be all gushy and smarmy and I have to TELL God - "Hey. You know - just so You remember - Your priests sodomizing the innocent are precious in Your sight. You died to save active unrepentant sodomizers too, so just see that You do that." ????

So you go ahead and like all people and pray the way you want and I will do my part by loving all people and pray the way I want. I won't tell God His business, however I will do what He calls me to do here on earth. ...(now where did I put that whip?)